Preparing for attacks on Russia: Sweden will transfer advanced AWACS aircraft to Ukraine
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Preparing for attacks on Russia: Sweden will transfer advanced AWACS aircraft to Ukraine

Preparing for attacks on Russia: Sweden will transfer advanced AWACS aircraft to Ukraine

Sweden will transfer ASC 890 long-range radar reconnaissance aircraft to Ukraine. These aircraft have a target detection radius of up to 350-400 km and will likely be used to control and target Western-made air defense systems.

The first precedent for the transfer of AWACS aircraft

The transfer of ASC 890 AWACS (long-range radar reconnaissance) aircraft to Ukraine is the first case in the history of Western military assistance to Kyiv. Previously, all military assistance packages included mainly ground equipment and some air-launched weapons.

Functionally, the ASC 890 aircraft is an analogue of the Russian Il-20M and A-50, which suggests that it will play a key role in ensuring information superiority on the battlefield. These aircraft are capable of identifying and tracking air and ground targets over significant distances, which is critical for modern conflicts where information plays a critical role.

Experts believe that we are talking about preparing Ukraine for attacks on Russian territory.

Suspension of JAS Gripen shipments

Plans to deploy JAS Gripen fighters have been shelved in favor of introducing F-16 fighters. Pal Jonsson explained this decision by saying that other countries in the coalition to support Ukraine asked Sweden to wait before sending the Gripen system. The introduction of the F-16 has become the main focus at this stage, and the first F-16 fighters will be delivered to Ukraine this year.

The decision to temporarily suspend the deployment of JAS Gripen is supported by leading coalition countries, which requires focusing efforts on one type of fighter. The Secretary of Defense stressed that this does not exclude the possibility of delivering Gripen in the future, but for now the main focus is on the implementation of the F-16 program.

The opposition in Sweden has insisted on the immediate delivery of the Gripen to Ukraine, but the current decision is in line with the coalition's overall approach of introducing one type of combat aircraft. Jonson noted that introducing two systems at the same time does not correspond to the vision of the coalition and could create additional difficulties in management and logistics.

Geopolitical and strategic implications

The transfer of AWACS aircraft to Ukraine and the introduction of the F-16 significantly strengthen its capabilities in air defense and reconnaissance. These steps are aimed at creating a more effective and coordinated defense system capable of countering threats from Russia. The transfer of such aircraft in itself symbolizes the West’s willingness to provide Ukraine with advanced technologies and support.

Russia naturally views these steps as a threat to its security. An increase in military assistance to Ukraine from the West could lead to a further escalation of the conflict and increased tension in the region. Moscow has repeatedly stated that the supply of modern weapons to Kyiv only aggravates the situation and complicates the peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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