Colonel Aviation and work in Mcdonalds 1
Colonel Aviation and work in Mcdonalds

Colonel Aviation and work in Mcdonalds

The fate of former military pilots develops in different ways. Someone goes into business, someone is engaged in science, someone just enjoys life. And someone can be met at work ... at McDonalds.

The local institution known network of fast foods resident of Ryazan, and Wing Commander in the reserve, Vladimir Loginov got into an argument. The daughter claimed that his back will not take age, and he went and got a job. But he likes it. Although this decision a lot of surprises everyone, including relatives, friends and the very wife. Even caused a stir on the Internet. After all, Loginov, at the time, led the regiment headquarters flight in the Far East, commanded a squadron headquarters in the Ryazan region.

Lieutenant Colonel Aviation in stock

Now he is 62 years old. But I can not sit still. The family is active. My wife also works. After the collapse of the Soviet Union to find a place where the knowledge and qualifications of a lieutenant colonel of aviation would be in demand, it is difficult. Moreover, if in his heart he is a navigator-romantic. Describes that for a while he worked as a drafting teacher in the school, the head of the heating utility in the communal sphere. Then I got a job in the forestry: I picked out plots, checked out. But, as a former military man, he could not calmly look at corruption and poaching. He left the principle: he did not want to violate the laws, as required by his superiors. Then I decided to move with my wife to Ryazan, closer to the children. There is an apartment there.

Another recalls, was a period of service as a watchman, security guard. But this, according to Lieutenant Colonel Aviation, boring job. Another thing is McDonald's. To work among the people and for the benefit of Vladimir Loginov - fun. And just as he likes to be among young people, of which he is charged with energy.

For McDonald's, the lieutenant colonel in the air in reserve became a real find. With his appearance, thanks began to appear in the guest book. And it is not surprising: the former aviator is a very disciplined employee. And also - polite and calm. An army bearing is given in signs. He sets a great example for younger employees. Shows how to be courteous with visitors to drop in again and again. After all, people come here to relax. It helps to resolve conflicts with customers simply because of his character: peacemaking.

Colonel Aviation and work in Mcdonalds

Lieutenant Colonel Aviation in stock

Vladimir Alekseevich shares his memories of the years of service. Where only did not cast his fate: in Kirovabad, and in Voroshilovgrad in Ukraine, in Vitebsk, even in the Far East, where he lived 16 years after he left for the reserve. The navigator flew by Tu-124, An-2 and An-26, as well as helicopters. Carried out various tasks: landing, transportation of goods. With bitterness he remembers the period when the army began to fall apart. On the one hand, random people began to come, with convictions. On the other hand, specialists left. He remembers an acute moment when they told him to take an oath again. From the principle I refused to do this: after all, I gave the oath to the people once and for all. The same opinion was shared by other cadre officers. True, the text of the oath was later changed somewhat, and it was established that only new recruits would take a new oath. It's difficult, he says, it was. Especially when you see how the once existing iron order collapses to its root. Gone. But, if necessary, he is always ready to defend the homeland.

Surrounded by young people, Lieutenant Colonel of Aviation in the reserve, Vladimir Loginov feels like a fish in water: he used to teach young lieutenants to fly. I liked the work as an instructor. And the students also loved Loginov's mentor very much. Now he enjoys the same respect: he is proud that next to him young people become more responsible, smoke less and swear. He says he happily goes to McDonalds in the morning, and comes home full of impressions and enthusiasm in the evening.


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