Generation jet fighter
Generation jet fighter

Generation jet fighter

a large number of aircraft fall into generation fighter jets, which are similar to each other on the combat characteristics and capabilities. In a separate generation are the planes that were made the most developed countries of the world around the same time. In addition, when used in similar systems development and applied a very similar technical solutions.

In most cases, a terminology fighters generation fighters include the USSR and the USA. Of course, other countries in the world were produced fighters who belong to a particular generation. The following will be put in the list of five generations of fighters with the main representatives.

Universal adoption of indicators, which must meet certain generation aircraft, does not exist, because of this split by generations may be different, as disputes may arise on this basis. Still decided to subdivide all the fighters on 5 generations.

This classification is unofficial, because constantly having arguments on the matter. Some people are six categories for the further development of modern technologies in aircraft. In the section on 6 generations were allocated as follows:

  1. Subsonic Aircraft (manufacturer with 1943 1950 on year). Key representatives: F-84, Yak-15, «Messerschmitt 262» and MiG-9. They had a Mach number up to 0,85.

  2. Transonic fighters (manufacturer with 1947 1955 on year). Key representatives: MiG-17, F-86, MiG-15. They had a Mach number up to 1,05.

  3. Early supersonic aircraft (manufacturer with 1953 1960 on year). Key representatives: F-8 and MiG-19. They reached Mach numbers up to 1,3.

  4. Supersonic aircraft for limited use (manufacturer with 1955 1970 on year). Key representatives: F-104 and MiG-21. Machinery reached Mach number in 2,0.

  5. Multi-purpose supersonic fighters (manufacturer with 1958 1970 on year). Key representatives: MiG-21, 4-F and F-105. The Mach number up to 2,5.

  6. Sverrehzvukovye high-performance multi-role fighter aircraft for the task. Key representatives: F- 15, F-18, 27-Su and MiG-29.

The first generation of jet fighters

This includes aerial combat vehicles, manufactured by 1940 1950 year. Key Features-generation aircraft:

  • Right wing.

  • Subsonic flight speed.

  • Turbojet engine type.

Generation: "Lockheed F-80», Me.262, «De Haviland."

The second-generation jet fighters

Aircraft created by 1950 1960 year. Generation Features:

  • Subsonic, supersonic in some, flight speed.

  • Swept wing type.

  • The engine type turbofan with afterburner.

  • The ability to climb to great heights.

  • The radar equipment is present.

Key representatives of the generation: J-29, MiG-15, F-86, MiG-17, «Dassault Mister" and MiG-19.

The third generation jet fighters

this generation of aircraft manufactured with 1955 1980 on year. Design features:

  • Airspeed indicator reached in 2 Mach and more.

  • The fuselage is made in the form of a supersonic.

  • turbofan type engines with afterburner.

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks.

  • On the armed with missiles of "air-to-air."

Representatives of the third generation: F-104, MiG-23, J-35, «McDonnell F-4», «Mirage F-1» and «Mirage III».

The fourth-generation fighter

  • this generation of machines manufactured by a 1975 2010 year. Features Generation:

  • Static instability.

  • Turbofan engines with low-bypass system.

  • Avionics new type.

  • Armament managed type.

Key representatives of the generation: the Saab J-39, 27-Su, "Eurofighter Typhoon" MiG-29, F-15 Eagle, and "F-16 Fighting".

The fifth generation fighter

Fighters of this generation began to emerge at the end of the XX century, it is qualitatively different devices. Key design features of the fifth generation fighter aircraft:

  • "Stealth" type technology, all the armament placed in the middle of the fuselage machine.

  • the latest generation avionics.

The main representatives of the generation: PAK FA, F-22 Raptor, J-20 and F-35 Lightning. 


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