10 basic rules of safety without any problems.
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Flying without problems. 10 basic rules.

           Flying without problems. 10 basic rules.


As a rule, the main problems with the flight arise in the event that they are not bothered in advance. Read and follow the rules you will be able to secure a comfortable flight without any problems.

 The first rule. A visit to the airport in advance.

It is necessary to arrive at the airport earlier, but not before the actual flight. It would be best if you calculate the time out to go through the registration and security, as you will be sure not to be late. Arrivals at the last minute, accompanied by anxiety, irritability and distraction, thus you increase the risk of flight and baggage separately opportunity lost.

 The second rule. One flight by one to nothing.

If you start to book tickets with intermediate break of less than two hours, then themselves provide extra problems. Omitting the flight, you can always carry out the nearest flight. But the likelihood that the tickets it will be not so high. In stock must have at least 90 minutes, and even more if a domestic flight and at least two hours, if the flight is international. If the rule is not met, you are putting yourself at a constant nervous glance at his watch.


  The third rule. Coffee drinking is not a lot.

Many will just simply ignore this rule, but we must warn. Coffee is a refreshing drink and it is likely you will not be able to sleep. The way out of this provision will be coffee, but without caffeine.

  The fourth rule. Flights to patients - is prohibited.

Of course, a slight cold is not an obstacle flight, but if your condition is aggravated and is not the best, you should stay home. Thus, you do not get rid of the facilities not only themselves but also other passengers, as well as the crew of the ship.

  The fifth rule. Drop of hope for the airline.

It is not necessary to submit hope that you will be given a newspaper to pass the time or to be served whatever be tasty. Maybe stewardesses even elementary headache tablets is not there. Because you should be prepared in advance, having read reviews about the company and thus acquiring all the most necessary. In flight, you can expect everything, because they at least take medication.

  The sixth rule. You should not walk around barefoot on the plane.

There are passengers who go to the toilet barefoot, I assure you it is better not to do. Each toilet is a place full of germs, therefore it is better to overcome laziness and wear sneakers or other shoes.

-barefoot plane

  The seventh rule. The peculiarity of the body should be considered.

Do not abuse food, which can cause you certain feelings (this is bad). It would be best preodostergis, and remove from the diet of such food at least for 1 day before the flight. Also, it is best not to wear clothes that you compress and constantly cause discomfort, it is necessary to sleep off well before the flight.

  The eighth rule. Caution with drugs.

There are passengers who are just learning about what you can drink alcohol, begin to use them oblivious to the fact that shortly take the medicine. As most drugs can not be taken with alcohol. Some passengers with a rather long-haul flights are taking sleeping pills to move it faster. Remember that alcohol and drugs are not only dangerous thing but generally incompatible. If there is a need to take a pill, it is once again confirm its presence before stepping aboard.


  The ninth rule. Do not abuse alcohol.

Good drinking always beckons, but pay attention to those who have already emptied his glass, the spectacle is not the best. You need to know and do not forget about the limit, and it is worth considering the fact that in the airspace of the effect of alcohol only worsen. When passengers in excess of drink, they become unmanageable and this leads to a variety of consequences.

  The tenth rule. Do not use the services of the airline that you are not satisfied.

Take care of your nerves, do not fly the same company only for the reason that you have a long customer of the company or just for the reason that one of the convenient schedule. The choice always remains yours, we wish you a pleasant flight!

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Good advice, be sure to take them into service and will recommend to friends. I'd add that, even with a little cold, and even more so with bronchitis or asthma is better not to fly, or at least consult a doctor. Unfortunately I had a bad experience and did not heed the warnings. And captured in the interior that warm -nibud of the things on some very cool. And so, armed with the advice of experts, you can have a great time during the flight.