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The policy of price control. Will tickets cheaper?
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The policy of price control. Will tickets cheaper?

The policy of price control. Will tickets cheaper?


Citizens of the country have long noted that the prices for air tickets are growing exponentially, and often even experts can not explain the reasons why the cost of air tickets is so large, and at the same time continues to grow. Of course, a number of domestic carriers trying in this case to create some favorable conditions for passengers, offering special rates at a very low and attractive prices, however, literally at the end of last week, it was reported that the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in the near future will begin to adjust The civil aviation sector, setting the limit prices for air tickets in the economy class. At first glance it may seem that the innovation is unlikely to bring any noticeable improvements, but in reality, harm and negativity from such measures can be far more than good.



According to official data, the Federal Antimonopoly Service is already in the near future can introduce an upper limit for the price of air tickets in the economy class. This, in turn, should make it possible to equalize the prices for air travel among domestic air carriers, thereby providing passengers with the most acceptable airfare. However, experts do not exclude that in the detailed case could seriously drop the quality of services, carriers can further introduce new terms of passenger traffic (maximum weight of luggage, hand luggage transportation conditions, etc.), as a consequence, passengers will continue to To pay the full cost of the ticket, but already taking into account new factors.

Experts especially emphasize that should regulate not only the upper but also the lower limit value, or in essence, become completely monopolized the civil aviation sector in Russia. Nevertheless, the approach to regulating the pricing of tickets is very carefully, otherwise otherwise prices can seriously increase that will hit not only by the small airlines, but also for low-budget flights shedule for which low prices on airline tickets are the sole condition of existence.



Among other things, assign the ticket price should be based on, and from fleet flights shedule as under heavy load aircraft, flights cheaper than at the lowest possible, but given the complexity of this process, the reform itself in the Russian civil aviation may be delayed for several years.

It is assumed that the most effective activities of domestic flights shedule option is to use a special tariff system, which will combine the nominal cost of the air carrier to provide air transport services, taking into account a fixed rate of return. In this case, provided the normal regulation of prices for air tickets, but there is a small disadvantage - flights shedule will be in different conditions.



One way or another, to seek regulatory approach of pricing on air tickets should be very careful because a wrong move could lead to the collapse of the present for all industries providing services of passenger


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