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Poland left the Sikorsky company out of business

Poland left the Sikorsky company out of business


The Polish Defense Ministry announced the winners of the two competitions for the supply of transport helicopters and air defense missiles.

The tender winners: helicopter Airbus H225M Caracal, won previously planned Sikorsky S-70; anti-aircraft guided missile launcher system Raytheon Patriot won the tender for the system MBDA / Thales Aster 30.


The decision on the tender was a blow to the pocket and the reputation of the American Sikorsky vertolёtostroitelnoogo enterprise, which in turn was the first Western helicopter manufacturer to invest in the Polish aerospace industry. The Polish Ministry of Defense explained: Sikorsky S-70 has not been selected for a number of formal and technical reasons, in addition delivery schedules suggested strongly stretched.

Representatives of the company otveliti that "extremely disappointed" with the given circumstance. The third bidder on the tender was the company AgustaWestland with AW149
Airbus representative explained that the helicopter Airbus H225M Caracal, probably best fits the selection criteria by the Polish colleagues, because it provides a single platform and high-speed assembly technology.

Airbus H225M Caracal

Airbus H225M Caracal

In Poland Is located office Heli Invest, which is a partner of Airbus, in "polish the contract" and the company will play a significant role in the local production of helicopters.

Until now Heli Invest has entered into a distributor and maintenance of helicopters and Airbus in the civil engineering sector. Final assembly of the helicopters will take place in Lodz (city in Poland), where Airbus Helicopers recently opened a research and development center. The first copies of the Polish "caracals" will be built at the Airbus plant in Marignane (France), where he will study the Polish workers. Manufacturer Turbomeca engines will also perform final assembly in Poland.

Airbus representative has not commented on reports about the cost of the bids on the tender: 2 300 000 000 € ($ 2,3 billion). Nevertheless, the contract will not be signed until the Polish side did not conduct a full technical assessment, and will not make the test helicopter H225M, scheduled for May-June in 2015 years. Deliveries are supposed to begin in 2017 year.

In accordance with the requirement, issued in March 2013 year, a new program aimed at replacing Russian helicopters Mi-17 / Mi-8 TTH for the Army and the country Mi-14 for the Navy.

Currently, Poland is going to announce a tender for the purchase of 25 - 30 attack helicopters. Nadavno statement of the Ministry of Defence of the country suggest a quick exit in the transaction.

Also, eight batteries of missiles "Patriot" will be acquired by the United States (Foreign Military Sales (FMS)). The first two will go on for three years after signing the contract.

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