The popularity of single-aisle aircraft requires the modernization of the air fleet
The popularity of single-aisle aircraft requires the modernization of the air fleet

The popularity of single-aisle aircraft

requires modernization of the air fleet


Over the past few years, the global aviation industry has demonstrated impressive growth and, naturally, contributed to the development of the aircraft maintenance market. According to the forecasts of TeamSAI in 2014, the world market of MRO will be about 60 billion dollars and by 2024 will reach the volume of about 90 billion dollars. Of the total amount of funds in the amount of 18 billion dollars used for aircraft maintenance, about 9 billion dollars account for the maintenance of narrow-bodied airplanes. However, according to forecasts of a number of experts, there has been a steady trend recently aimed at the growth of services and the modernization of the air fleet.

The prospects for recovery of the aviation industry around the world, contribute to the development and modernization of the fleet in 2014 year. Statistics from various sources confirm that the highest number of traffic carried on comfortable aircraft Airbus A320 и Boeing 737. The scope of services provided on these types of aircraft is 7 bln. Dollars, with 3.5 bln. Dollars accounted for Airbus and 3.4 bln. Dollars for Boeing. For example, Timco Aviation Services has figures showing that single-aisle MRO for about 70% workload, and that presents A320 and Boeing 737.



Boeing 737

Such statistics confirm the fact that the fleet of these types of aircraft is one of the largest in many countries of the world. Low cost carriers prefer this type of aircraft, and orders are increasing every year. In 2014, the total volume of receipts of new aircraft in the airline should be about 1100 units and almost 60% will come from narrow-body models. Moreover, 2 companies Airbus and Boeing account for about 75% of all aircraft maintenance. A number of experts predict that in 2014 the size of aircraft modernization related to MRO will grow by about 10%.


Some experts predicted,

that in 2014, the size of aircraft modernization,

associated with MRO, will grow by about 10%. 


This is due to the growing need to increase competitiveness at the expense of the business combination, the use on board the aircraft entertainment system and mobile communication Wi-Fi. In addition, operators are looking to reduce operating costs associated with the servicing of aircraft. In the design and development of new aircraft began to use more composite materials, which provides a significant reduction in the weight of the aircraft. There is a replacement of engines on more energy-efficient models to save fuel in the amount of 10-15%.



The modernization of the air fleet involves many regional companies. For example, Timco, opened a new service center for brands such planes as Embraer CRJ 145, Embraer E 170 /E 190, Bombardier CRJ 200/700/900With an emphasis on reconstruction and modernization. Significantly expanded the program to modernize the aircraft fleet, if you previously performed the same type of aircraft modernization, but now the program includes several different types of aircraft.

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