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Order and security in the sky: combating drones.
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Order and security in the sky: combating drones.

Order and security in the sky: combating drones.


Scientists from Michigan Technological University after some research found an effective way to deal with the drones, which have become one of the biggest headaches of the US National Security Agency. In fact, these little remote-controlled device, their appearance does not cause any panic, but, in reality, the problems created by drones are incomparably greater than it may seem at first glance.



Not long ago, an information portal was announced article in which American experts pointed to the fact that small-size aircraft called drones pose a greater threat to civil aviation, in particular, in a collision with the plane, hit the drone aircraft engines and so on n., it may cause the crash with the death of hundreds of people, and given the fact that the drones are usually launched in populated areas, the number of victims of the seemingly harmless toys, can be measured in thousands.

Among other things, not so long ago it became known case of attempts to span the drone to the territory of the White House, which, in turn, when using such devices by terrorists and could face a terrorist act since the drone could carry their lifting power load of explosives.



To somehow solve a similar problem, specialists from Michigan Technological University have developed a unique drone capable of using the emitted network, to carry out "fishing" drone-offenders, and, as shown by test trials 84% of cases, the offender is caught, and as a consequence, it could not continue the flight.

An interesting new development is probably just the fact that dron- "catcher" is almost completely automated, in particular, it alone can approach the drone-offender, and with sufficient convergence to throw out the network. The basic principle of this device is the presence of a small software chip that taking the signal from the transmitter, it should be the subject wrongdoing.

It is expected that the development of new innovative start using in places the greatest threat at the end of this year.


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