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Improving the quality of services and elimination of delays in flights.
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Improving the quality of services and elimination of delays in flights.

Improving the quality of services and elimination of delays in flights.


According to opinion polls, about 30% of Russians have a negative opinion about the airline about the delay in flights. It would seem, how can such a high-speed and modern mode of transport as a plane be late or get out of the timetable, however, approximately every 5 flight operated in Russia is delayed, and, as a rule, connected either with weather conditions or with technical ones Airport failures, namely because of insufficiently high-quality organization to provide services. In most cases, the air carrier does not lose anything from the fact that his flight is delayed for 10 minutes or for 1,5 hours, however, passengers, who are usually late for other flights with which the flight so comfortably docked, or in Ultimately, they are forced to abandon the air carrier's services in case of long-term delay.



Experts believe that minimize the number of delaying flights can be quite simple, and the proposed program of action will reduce the number of delays in the 70-80%.



As you know, any sphere of services must be strictly regulated, which in turn allows you to control the quality of services provided. Delayed flight performance more than 5 minutes later creates a serious inconvenience to passengers, but, surprisingly, no action by the government in this direction is taken. In connection with what is necessary to specify that the airlines offer their customers low-quality services, and thus, are not subject to any liability.



In order to minimize the number of delayed flights, the state urgently needs to make a number of regulations, among which will be clearly spelled out the maximum allowed delay in the performance of a passenger flight on any of the routes, as well as measures of responsibility for such violations, in particular, should first of all Apply a system of fines, both in favor of the state budget, and in favor of passengers whose rights have been violated. Naturally, in such a situation it is necessary to take into account various non-standard situations, including those related to aircraft technical failures, meteorological conditions, etc.

It is possible that such actions will ensure improvement of the quality of services in the field of passenger transport, and once again forced air carriers to provide the possible situations that may lead to delays in the implementation of passenger flights.


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