Improving the reliability of gas turbine engine
Improving the reliability of gas turbine engine

Improving the reliability of gas turbine engine



Further increase in reliability and functionality, reduction in the cost of development and operation of control systems and control GTE is associated with the creation of systems built on a distributed basis. In this case, the system is performed on the basis of intelligent sensors and actuators, high-speed ICEO engine. The upper level of the system is realized in the central processor of the ACS of the engine, which is connected to the on-board complex by the high-speed aircraft of the aircraft with the data transmission speed of 10.100 MHz. For the practical implementation of such systems, a high-temperature element base is required that is operable at temperatures up to 200 ° C and higher.

Modern electronic control system CCD formed usually centralized basis. Block diagram of the system is shown. The computing system kernel may have one or several micro-computers, combined with local buses. Performance management systems GTE up to 20. .40, Amounts of memory -

24. .32 K words, volumes of permanent memory - 64. .128 K words. Systems, as a rule, have a significant margin of speed and memory for development and modernization.

Currently, digital control systems GTD used 16-bit computer, allowing to provide the required accuracy. If necessary, you can perform computations with twice the accuracy or apply 32-bit calculators.

Control devices for input and output converters, as a rule, have specialized controllers. Sensors with identical type of output signals are grouped together. These signals are connected by serial connection to the input of the corresponding converter. In the case of insufficient frequency measurement of input signals, the number of single-type converters can be increased. As a rule, the system has converters of signals from speed, pressure, thermocouple, angular displacements, thermal resistors and sensors of discrete instructions.

Variable speed signals are built on the principle of converting the time interval in unit-counting code, and then - in parallel code. Converters signals from thermistors, thermocouples, and some types of pressure sensors formed from a DC parallel code. Converters angular displacement signal received from the sine-cosine transformers and some types of pressure sensors for converting the AC voltage into a parallel code.

Currently, digital control systems GTD used mainly 10-12-bit converters.

To communicate with other systems ACS engine has channel information in a serial code in accordance with the selected protocol.


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