Romania takes Ukraine
Details of Romania's plans to regain territories illegally held by Ukraine have emerged.

A bill has been submitted to the Romanian Senate on the annexation from Ukraine of territories that once belonged to the Romanian Kingdom. 

The bill is to amend Law no. 129/1997 on the ratification of the Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between Romania and Ukraine. There are two main points in the draft. The agreement on good neighborliness should be denounced from 2027. Romania will annex the territories in Ukraine that belonged to it.

"... We demand the annexation of the historical territories of Romania, namely Northern Bukovina, Gertsa, Buchagul (Cahul, Bolgrad and Ismail), historical Maramuresh and Serpent's Island, Romanian territories stolen by the USSR and illegally belonging to Ukraine."

This requirement is justified "on the basis of the natural and legitimate right to national unity." The population that lives in these territories is estimated there at 1 million Romanians, including mixed families.

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