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Causes the last accident
Causes the last accident

We are constantly confronted with different air accidents. But it is not always possible to give a clear answer to the question - "What happened?". This applies to each case.

Now, we have seen a simple disappearance from the radar of the aircraft "Boeing 777». Despite the fact that before the land was just a little, about two hundred kilometers, no one can give a clear answer to the following questions. Where's the plane? What happened to the liner?

The network can often find shocking videos of the killing and disappearance of the aircraft. In some cases, persons guilty. In other - there is a failure of the system. But in both cases there is a wreck or emergency landing
The same thing we see in the sky over Vietnam. The plane just disappeared all. A rather strange situation. After the examination, the entire area was found only an oil slick, but there is no liner. Maybe it is about the afterlife? But it's fantastic.

Now, many countries are testing a new, modern weapons. Accordingly, there are various unplanned excesses. It turns out that even the ordinary, though quite large airliner could just disappear.

By such thoughts we are pushing the most mysterious incident in the air. Recall that a few days ago over Yakutia exploded unknown aircraft, and no one explains what really happened.

Similarly in this case. And if you take into account the rather "tense" atmosphere in the world, it is not surprising that no world country will not talk about the true causes of the accident.

So now every sane person is engaged in the construction of a wide variety of logical chains of recent world events. Everyone can make their own proposals on the most improbable accidents occurred last.


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