"Privet-82" - a new Russian kamikaze drone is sent to the NVO zone

The report states that the manufacturer, the Oko volunteer design bureau, is a volunteer design bureau organized by enthusiasts to create ultra-cheap multifunctional UAVs.

“At the moment, 33 serial samples of the Hi-82 kamikaze drone have been made. We collect applications and prepare several batches for shipment, ”explained a representative of the design bureau of the manufacturer.

The cost of one drone is about 110 thousand rubles.

It is also noted that since the young design bureau does not have licenses, it cannot form a state defense order, and only the carrier apparatus is being prepared in the bureau. Armament or other equipment is installed on the device at the discretion of users.

The flight range of the drone is up to 30 km, the flight speed is up to 140 km/h. The UAV can carry up to 5,5 kg of payload.

The company shared plans to re-equip the drone into a front-line bomber, which will be able to drop ammunition and return to base.

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