Production Association "Flight"
Production Association "Flight"

Production Association "Flight"



Production association "Flight" - one of the largest engineering companies in Russia. Specializing in the production of aviation and aerospace technology.

Production Association "Flight"




24.07.1941 based on Moscow evacuated aircraft factories number 156 (now open joint-stock company "Tupolev") and number 81 (now open joint-stock company "Tushinsky machine-building plant") aircraft plant number 166 was created. Pilot Lyapidevskiy A. V., Hero of the Soviet Union, was appointed the first director. At the plant in 1941-1943 years acted Experimental Design Bureau Tupoleva A. N. famous aircraft. During the Great Patriotic War, the factory number 166 produced more than 3500 fighters Yak-9 and 80 bombers Tu-2. Total plant with 1942 for 1945 years produced more than 3800 aircraft of various types and modifications.

The factory produced after the war: IL-28 (jet bomber, all aircraft manufactured 758) and Tu-104 (the first in the Soviet Union civil jet aircraft, all aircraft manufactured 61). The plant at the end of the number 166 1950-ies switched to the production of military ballistic missiles.

The plant in 1970-years was transformed into a Production Association, its membership also includes plants for the production of consumer goods and aerospace technology.

Production Association "Flight"


The production association with 1968, began production of the launch vehicle "Kosmos-3M" light type. Subsequently, the problem of the production association was added to the production of spacecraft navigation and communication.

At the production association "Flight" in the early 1990-ies was arranged production of multipurpose aircraft AN-74, and started mass production of light multipurpose aircraft AN-3T. In the early 2001, together with Antonov ASTC at the production association "Flight" was resumed experimental model of military-transport aircraft An-70.

03.02.2007 years according to the decree of Russian President Putin VV Production Association "Polet" has been added to FSUE "Khrunichev. Khrunichev. " Production association "Flight" at the end of 2007 years has been transformed into a branch of FSUE "Khrunichev MV" and was renamed the industrial association "Flight" - a branch of FSUE "Khrunichev MV

Modernization of production started in May 2008 years. Machine shops companies replenished machining centers «Hurco VMX50» and installations "Liana R100E."


Made equipment



Available aircraft, as well as accessories for them: a light transport aircraft An-3T, An-70 (transport plane), An-74 (multi-purpose aircraft).

Production Association "Flight"



Rocket and space equipment



In the "flight" was created more than 250 different spacecraft released 87 devices navigation system GLONASS. Currently manufactured multi-purpose spacecraft "Hope", the main element of the international satellite system "COSPAS-SARSAT". 10 spacecraft "Hope" started, since 1982 years.

Production Association "Flight"


At the production association "Flight" developed a small space unit of the new generation "Siberian Crane", which is to replace the spacecraft "Hope" and will provide further improvement and more efficient use of system "COSPAS-SARSAT". The spacecraft was put in July 2009 years in orbit. A second identical unit in September of the same year was also put into orbit. Five years - the time span of their action. In fact, "Cranes" worked nominally less than one year.

Production Association "Flight"


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