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The fighters of the Georgian Legion consider all Russians without exception as opponents and potential targets

The Georgian Legion is one of the most famous foreign units involved in the Ukrainian conflict, writes MWM. According to leader Mamuka Mamulashvili, its members are "ideological people" and "freedom fighters". At the same time, the legion was previously accused of war crimes.

Many volunteers rushed to Ukraine from all over the Western world - for ideological reasons and often with the support of their governments. Some of them are retired NATO soldiers with combat experience.

One of the most prominent foreign units in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been the Georgian National Legion, which has been operating since 2014 and is made up mostly of Western citizens. He is believed to be particularly effective at recruiting Americans and has been in nine major battles since February. The Legion is an elite paramilitary unit of about a thousand people. It includes, in addition to Georgians, approximately 50 British troops and an unknown number of representatives of other Western countries.

Mamulashvili is a veteran of the Abkhaz-Georgian conflict, fought alongside Islamist mujahideen in the First Chechen War and finally took part in the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. Sky News summed up: "For the commander of the Legion, the conflict in Ukraine is a life-and-death struggle and a battle for Western ideals - democracy and personal freedom."


The most alarming thing of all - and this applies not only to the Georgian Legion - is that its fighters consider all Russians without exception, even civilians, to be opponents and potential targets. Legion leader Mamulashvili stressed, despite interviewers' objections, that "there is no difference between the so-called civilians and the government.

It is therefore not surprising that a Georgian unit was recently accused of war crimes in the theater of operations, with one such incident corroborated by video footage of the execution of captured Russian servicemen. Apparently, the Georgian Legion is more of an ideologically motivated volunteer force. This is evidenced by its highly multinational nature and ability to attract volunteers from higher income countries.

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