Verifying the ACS functions
Verifying the ACS functions

Verifying the ACS functions


Verifying the ACS functions and accuracy of its work is carried out in full during engine testing at the enterprise developer in terms of M = O, H = 0. During engine testing stands tall and climate, as well as on the YES random inspection SAU on a number of conditions defined by engine test program.

To determine the static and dynamic accuracy of the frequency of the survey measured values ​​for most parameters must be at least 20 Hz, and in assessing the effectiveness of the automated systems of surge protection parameters that characterize her work (the pressure of the compressor, drop to the T-shaped nozzle, output protection team ), should be recorded at a frequency of not less than 15 kHz.

Evaluation of the accuracy of the ACS at steady state based on the results of measurements of controlled parameters obtained after the transients in the time, not less than three times the duration of the transition process. It uses

the results of measurements of adjustable parameters in the control points, which are valued characteristics of the engine.

To assess the quality of transients in each audited operation is performed at least three transient delayed on the original mode in accordance with the instruction manual. Time of completion of the transition process is fixed at the time when the process variable is within the tolerance.

it is advisable to use a control error signals in the electronic controller, ensuring their transmission and recording in the information-measuring system for the assessment of deviations from the controlled engine parameters Setpoint program.

The automatic control system is considered to have passed the test to evaluate her motor performance and manageability in a case where the deviation of controlled parameters at steady state, as well as the parameters of transients resulting from the tests, do not exceed the tolerances specified in the normative and technical documentation (ToR ACS and TTP on the engine), and do not appear failures, leading to the loss of its efficiency.

Verification of the specified characteristics of electronic controllers SAU GTE (functional, nadezhnostnogo, strength, etc.) Provided by conducting tests on a stand-alone complex stands, and as part of the ACS in the semi-natural stands and on the engine.

Bench tests of electronic controllers include in addition to those faced by regulators of all types (climatic, mechanical, closed loop), a number of special trial to evaluate the impact of electrical interference.


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