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Frightening "Cosmos-2553": The US panicked over Russian anti-satellite weapons

Frightening "Cosmos-2553": The US panicked over Russian anti-satellite weapons

Russia continues to actively develop its weapons systems, which causes concern among Western countries. One striking example of this is the launch of the secret spacecraft Cosmos-5 into low-Earth orbit on February 2022, 2553. The American Wall Street Journal, citing US officials, claims that this device is intended to develop new anti-satellite weapons.

Journalists' arguments

The publication indicates that Russia needs Kosmos-2553 to test components of a potential anti-satellite weapon capable of carrying a nuclear device. Although the satellite itself is not equipped with nuclear weapons, some US officials believe that it is "definitely linked to the Russian nuclear anti-satellite program", which has raised growing concerns among the Joe Biden administration, non-governmental experts and the US Congress.

This weapon, if deployed, would give Moscow the ability to destroy hundreds of satellites in low Earth orbit with a nuclear explosion. Such actions could significantly disrupt the operation of US government and commercial satellite constellations, including SpaceX's Starlink system.

US suspicions

However, not all American officials believe that Cosmos 2553 is intended solely for the development of nuclear anti-satellite weapons. Another part of the experts believes that the satellite is used for research and development of non-nuclear components of a new weapons system, which Russia has not yet deployed. Despite Moscow's assurances that the device is intended for scientific research, American officials consider this claim implausible.

American officials have long suspected Russia of seeking to develop a nuclear anti-satellite capability. But only recently have they been able to begin tracking the progress of Russian research in this area. If Russia implements its project and weapons are deployed in orbit, it will be able to destroy satellites in areas where American assets dominate.

Excitement in Washington

The excitement in Washington over the Russian satellite intensified in February 2024, when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner declared a serious national security threat to the United States and called on the president to declassify information about it. At the same time, Moscow denies accusations of developing a nuclear anti-satellite system, saying that it is only conducting scientific research into the effects of radiation and heavy charged particles in low-Earth orbit.

Despite Russian assurances, Kosmos 2553 is still in orbit, causing concern among Western countries. According to Mike Turner, the situation is comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis, only now in space.

It is important to note that Russia has always advocated the peaceful use of outer space and against the militarization of outer space. However, in the face of growing threats and aggressive rhetoric from the West, our country is forced to take measures to protect its interests and ensure security.

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