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Pulkovo-3: the airport for business aviation
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Pulkovo-3: the airport for business aviation

Pulkovo-3: the airport for business aviation



In our country a lot of paradoxes. One of them - the existence of business aviation or as it is called in the West Business aviation. The paradox lies in the fact that business aviation in Russia, there is, in fact itself. That is, formally, we still divided only aircraft for military and civil, but in the structure of civil aviation business aviation official as such does not exist. There is no legal framework, the authorities, including aviation, prefer to ignore the aviation industry, which exists in the country for over 20 years.


Portal already addressed the topic of business aviationBut over time the priorities in this segment several shifts.


A very "business" aircraft

With the onset of the collapse of the USSR, universal privatization and the development of private business, rich people appeared in the country, who were no longer satisfied with the level of comfort on regular regular airlines. To begin with, they began to charter planes for personal needs, buying out completely any kind of flight. At first these were ordinary passenger planes, hastily converted to more convenient facilities than the airline can provide in normal flight. And later began to appear and personal aircraft. Helicopters and airplanes were re-equipped at aircraft repair plants throughout the country. It was all the same Soviet technique: Mi-2 and Mi-8, Tu-134 and Yak-40. At airports, wealthy owners and passengers began to use the services that were provided earlier to the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and members of the government. Strictly speaking, this was the formation of business aviation in our country.

But the life of the Soviet fleet to be exhaustive, machines become obsolete, and many of them are not in line with European standards for safety and environmental parameters. So the Russian political and business elite began to change to foreign aircraft. The country began to appear the first Learjet, Falcon, Cessna and others, and later began to appear specially converted from passenger aircraft VIP board. They are already characterized by high level of comfort, with special equipment for communications, the Internet and other attributes of modern office business man.


The plane is not a luxury, but whichever ...

Own or chartered aircraft is the prestige, convenience and comfort, and most importantly, a significant time savings. Do not you adjust to the schedule, and, if I may say so, the schedule adjusts to you, that is if you fly when you want and wherever you want. And last but not least, you fly surrounded by familiar to you the level of service and comfort, and only with people whom you have chosen, or that you need at the moment.

With the advent of personal fleet of aircraft and with the increase in demand for private flights, in our country began to actively develop and market services in the industry. We began to appear firm to help arrange all the necessary documents for the lease of the aircraft, or for purchase. Companies that take care of all the necessary arrangements for airfield maintenance of the aircraft, crew and passengers.


Conventionally, people using business aviation services can be divided into three main categories:

  • This is a very wealthy people, millionaires, who can afford the upkeep of the aircraft with crew. They use them for flights to holiday and business flights. For them, the personal aircraft is not only the usual level of comfort, but also the prestige, a sign of belonging to the elite club of rich people.

  • The next category of business jet users are people for whom the plane is not only an element of prestige, it is a business tool to quickly solve business problems. The need for a short time to visit a large number of places, cities and spend a lot of important meetings and decision meetings, just implies the use of business aviation. It is the top managers of large companies and executives, administrators and managers of show business, etc. This category of people enjoys zafraktovannymi aircraft for himself, his family.

  • And finally, the third category of regular customers business aviation is corporate clients. These are large organizations that have multiple branch offices or partners in different parts of Russia and Europe. By the nature of its activities rapidly moving beyond the scope of their duties, and involves the use of business aviation aircraft. Often such aircraft during flights carried out important meetings or negotiations. This contributes not only to the comfort and privacy on board, but also an opportunity to significantly save time.


Business Aviation Center "Pulkovo-3»

Aviation is a complex structure, with its own laws, conditions, agreements, declarations and customs regulations. In all of this, not being a specialist, it is very difficult to understand. This is where I come to the aid of experts and Business Aviation Center "Pulkovo-3».

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii1


Center for business aviation "Pulkovo-3», the managing company of Jet Port


The relatively young company "Jet Port of St. Petersburg" (the first passenger was served in January 1 2010 years) the only one in the North-West region of the company that provides a full range of services for airport service business aviation aircraft.

The Pulkovo-3 Aviation Business Center is a modern comfortable comfortable center, created specifically for the needs of business aviation. The CBA includes a modern comfortable terminal with a total area of ​​more than 4 thousand sq. M. M, with a capacity of up to 1500 passengers per day. By the way, with the load, during the recent Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, CB "Pulkovo-3" coped excellently. In the period from 15 to 19 June 272 board and 1475 passengers were served. Work in such difficult, tense conditions showed high professionalism of the personnel, a high level of training of employees of all services, and a high degree of efficiency of the entire Pulkovo-3.

Many times, drove up to the St. Petersburg airport, I paid attention to a neat, modern terminal CBA "Pulkovo-3». And here I had the opportunity to visit and explore the Business Aviation Center "Pulkovo-3».

At the main entrance of the terminal I met First Deputy General Director Vladimir K. Tsutskarёv и head of production and dispatch Dmitriy Vasilevich Smirnov service. This was somewhat unexpected, but pleasant. Still, I was accustomed to meet with employees of press services or advertising departments. Having me in one of the comfortable rooms for negotiations, Vladimir K. thorough and detailed answers to all my questions. Together with Dmitry Smirnov, they told me about the current trends in the field of business aviation on the CBA "Pulkovo-3» in the current economic conditions. In a casual conversation over a cup of coffee I was told about some particularly memorable cases from their practice.

Then Dmitry kindly took me on all premises terminal, simultaneously explaining to me the work of all services, and showing where and what can be photographed. Because the CBA "Pulkovo-3» serves not just the VIP, a VVIP passengers, privacy and security requirements are complied with strictly and rigorously.

From the main entrance, after inspection of the passenger goes directly to the reception desk. On both sides of it are located corridors of arrival and departure of passengers. Generally room on the first floor, the language does not turn called "waiting room", it is more like a hall of any five-star hotel. Soft comfortable chairs and sofas, quiet and cool, cozy, discreet bar with a large and varied menu, several large screens.


As I wrote, for business meetings or sensitive negotiations have specially equipped rooms, which can be for a gourmet meal, or a cup of coffee calmly negotiate or simply expect his departure.

In general, the whole layout of the CBA "Pulkovo-3" his "sharpened" under the comfort and convenience not only the passengers, the crew, but also employees of the company "Petersburg JetPort" pleasantly surprised. CBA "Pulkovo-3» was originally built and tailored to the needs and people with disabilities, which is very important. Suffice it to say that on the first floor of the passenger terminal 15 toilets (in 5 different areas of passenger service), the third part of which is designed for wheelchair users.

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii2


The second floor of the CBA "Pulkovo-3» is designated for office space and facilities for tenants. Here are working around the clock:

  • production and dispatch service

  • Service Operational Ground Support

  • Service organization of passenger transportation

  • special service. transport

  • airfield service

  • security Service

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii3



From the windows of production and dispatch service overlooking the apron №6 CBA "Pulkovo-3» and the airport runway.

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii4



On the second floor there are technical rooms, a dining room for the staff, rest rooms for the staff. The dining room for the staff was more like a small, cozy, homemade cafe with the same homemade food, and the price tags reminded me of canteens from our Soviet past. The company has tried to create all the necessary conditions for normal, comfortable comfortable work of employees. After all, it is well known that the mood, the desire to work, and his benevolence depend on the personal amenities, on the convenience of each employee's workplace. Say hello to everyone and smile, not corporate rules, but the inner need and sincerity of each employee.

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii5


View of the parking and hangar complex, which is able to accept the three aircraft of type Boeing 737 / 757, Airbus A321, 204-Tu or five aircraft of type Challenger 605

The platform, parking for the aircraft, this is one of the most important indicators of any airport. The number and type of aircraft that can simultaneously accommodate the airport, characterizes its throughput. And the convenience and safety for passengers, crew and ground attendants ensures the quality of the parking lot, its proximity to the terminal. The CB "Pulkovo-3" with these parameters all at the highest level. The platform is equipped with two parking areas, on which the passenger from the plane gets to the terminal building immediately, after only a few steps. And all on the platform number 6 can simultaneously be located up to 28 BC business aviation, the total area of ​​the platform 60 000 square. M. And taking into account the hangar complex, the number of parking spaces can be increased to 50 BC, depending on their type.

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii6


After 2016 SPIEF apron lull.


Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii7


Arriving and departing in the lobby meets chic retro limousine

My tour of the CBA "Pulkovo-3» came to an end. My companion and escort Dmitry Smirnov wished me good luck and rushed to their urgent business, so I distracted him in the nearly two hours of working time. And I went to the checkpoint with a sense of light regret, regret that I am not an employee, not a member of this team, which is qualitatively and professionally doing their job for the past almost 7 years.

Pulkovo-3: Airport business aviatsii8



All blessings and prosperity of "JetPort SPb" Center of Business Aviation "Pulkovo-3" comfortable and soft landing of its customers, VVIP passengers.



CBA "Pulkovo-3» specifically for Valery Smirnov visited


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