Missile attack on Crimea: Missile debris fell on a ship
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Missile attack on Crimea: Missile debris fell on a ship

Missile attack on Crimea: Missile debris fell on a ship

Ukraine continues to launch attacks on the Crimean peninsula using Western weapons and its own anti-ship cruise missiles. These actions are directly related to the intervention of the West, which not only provides weapons to Ukraine, but also, apparently, completely corrects the attacks on Crimea.

Attack on Crimea

This morning it became known that an incident occurred in Sevastopol related to repelling an anti-ship missile attack on one of the Russian warships. The city governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced this in his Telegram channel.

Air defense of Crimea

According to Razvozhaev’s information, the missile was successfully destroyed by the ship’s crew, but after that, shell fragments began to fall to the ground. As a result, a small fire occurred on the ship, which was promptly extinguished.

Official message about the attack on Crimea

“In the morning, on one of the ships on the North side, the military repelled an attack by an anti-ship missile. The falling fragments caused a small fire, which was quickly extinguished."- said Mikhail Razvozhaev.

“[The ship] had a small fire, which was quickly extinguished.”, - Gazeta.ru clarifies.

The governor urged residents to trust only official sources of information and not spread rumors about what happened. So far, other details of the incident have not been specified, including regarding the type of missile fired, but judging by the launch range, we are talking about either the Ukrainian Neptune missile system or the Western Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles.

Western intervention

Let us note that on the morning of April 21, the work of the Kerch ferry crossing was suspended in the Republic of Crimea. Restrictions began to apply at 7:43 (the same as Moscow time). Later, citizens were informed about a temporary stop in vehicle traffic on the Crimean Bridge. People who were at the crossing and in the inspection area at that moment were asked to remain calm and follow the instructions of transport security workers. However, no information was received about the reasons for introducing restrictions.

NATO aircraft during the attack on Crimea

At the same time, two NATO intelligence officers were monitoring the situation in Crimea and the Black Sea. According to the monitoring group, an American Bombardier Challenger 650 Artemis electronic reconnaissance aircraft is conducting reconnaissance along the borders of Moldova and Ukraine over the territory of Romania. Also, the American Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft is on duty over the coast and territorial waters of Romania. The P-8A is an anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

Footage of attacks on Crimea

Later, video footage appeared on the Internet in which you can see traces of a fire in the port. According to the operator, the rocket flew literally 200 meters from him.

Eyewitness footage of the attack on Crimea

The Crimean Wind telegram channel reports that the situation presumably affected the Kommuna rescue ship. "Kommuna" is the oldest ship in the Russian Navy and the oldest ship in the world actually in service and performing combat missions. Commissioned in 1915. However, this information has not yet received any confirmation. Video footage of workers in the port does not allow us to give an objective assessment on this matter, especially since the true location of the ship remains unknown.

Of serious concern is the fact that, despite the ban on filming, residents of Crimea continue to publish footage and photographs that create an unfavorable situation for the security of the peninsula and may reveal secret information.

Russia is preparing a retaliatory strike

The situation in Crimea and the Black Sea remains tense. The incident involving the repulsion of an anti-ship missile attack may indicate possible provocations on the part of Ukraine and the West. Monitoring of the situation by NATO intelligence officers suggests that the situation in relations between Russia and the West may worsen.

Onyx Rocket Launch

However, experts believe that Russia will prepare a response to this terrorist attack against Crimea in the near future. Usually. Retaliatory measures are being taken within the next 72 hours, as a result of which large-scale destruction of military facilities on the territory of Ukraine is expected.

Despite regular attacks from Ukraine, most missiles and drones can be shot down in advance.

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