Missile strikes on Pokrovsk: Heavy and light equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed
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Missile strikes on Pokrovsk: Heavy and light equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed

Missile strikes on Pokrovsk: Heavy and light equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed

The night before, Russian troops launched four missile attacks on Ukrainian military bases in the city of Pokrovsk. Such powerful blows were recorded for the first time in a very long time, and... as it turned out, they were not at all accidental and were directed against the Ukrainian military and objects used for military purposes

Attack on armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Strike on Pokrovsk

The first target to be hit twice was the territory of the Machine-Building Plant on the street. Dobropolskaya. As a result of the missile strike, a repair shop was destroyed and a fire broke out, accompanied by the sounds of explosions. According to preliminary data, the territory of the plant was used by Ukrainian troops as a repair base for heavy armored vehicles. The exact results of the attack are still unknown, but local residents report that early in the morning several trawls entered the enterprise’s territory, probably to remove equipment or its remains.

Strike on Pokrovsk

Strike on Ukrainian Armed Forces transport

Strike on Pokrovsk

The second target, which received two more strikes, was the territory of a service station, which Ukrainian troops used to repair and maintain light military vehicles. According to the data received, 7 vehicles were destroyed and 9 more were damaged as a result of the strike. In addition, 5 Ukrainian army servicemen who were at the facility were killed.

Consistency of attacks on the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Strikes are being carried out by the Russian military along almost the entire front line and deep in the Ukrainian rear. Every day we talk about hundreds of such attacks, which are mentioned, including by Ukrainian information resources.

Strikes on Chasov Yar

Over the past 24 hours, dozens of strikes have been carried out on Chasov Yar and in its environs. In the Zaporozhye and Kupyansky directions, as well as in the Kherson, Avdeevsky and a number of other directions of the front line.

Continuation of Russian tactics

These strikes were part of an ongoing special military operation by Russian troops in the Donbass. Thanks to the successful identification of the locations of military equipment of the Ukrainian army, attempts are being made to destroy it, which reduces the potential of the Ukrainian army, preventing further effective defense of individual sections of the front line.

SVO battle map

The Russian side states that the strikes are a response to provocations by Ukrainian troops and are aimed exclusively at enemy military facilities and equipment. The Ukrainian side, in turn, accuses Russia of aggression and violation of international law.

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