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Raytheon Hawker 4000. A photo. Characteristics.
Raytheon Hawker 4000. A photo. Characteristics.

Raytheon Hawker 4000



Raytheon Hawker 4000 is a flagship manufacturer Hawker Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (USA). The aircraft is a new standard of flight data, quality and price in the class of business jets of medium size.

Work on the design of the aircraft started in 1996 year. The company set a goal: to create a fundamentally new model of business aircraft, which is being proektirvoanie "from scratch." Participation in the design of jet aircraft brought the famous manufacturers of components and equipment.


Raytheon Hawker 4000 interior photo

Raytheon Hawker 4000 photo salon.


Japanese company Fuji Heavy Industries has designed a new wing of the principle without slat. Pratt & Whitney has provided cost-effective machine powerful engines PW308A. And, Honeywell has provided modern complex navigation navigation equipment PrimusEpic.


Raytheon Hawker 4000 cockpit

Raytheon Hawker 4000 cockpit


The main feature of Hawker 4000 - tselnokompozitny fuselage, which is made of laminated carbon fiber. With the use of composite technology znachiteltno decreased Massan increased flight range - up to 6000km. Among other advantages of a business jet has a good stability, controllability and smoother character of flight.

The characteristics of the aircraft Hawker 4000:


  • Range: 5941km

  • Cruising speed: 870km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 13720m

  • The highest take-off weight: 17917kg

  • The greatest number of passengers: 8-12

  • The best number of passengers: 8

  • interior length: 8.99m

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 1.97m

  • Cabin height: 1.83m

  • The volume of the passenger compartment: 21.58kub.m

  • Length: 21.08m

  • Height: 5.97m

  • Wingspan: 18.82m

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