The development of low-cost airlines in Russia. The final countdown
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The development of low-cost airlines in Russia. The final countdown

The development of low-cost airlines in Russia. The final countdown


Development of low-budget airline in our country gives a promising start. It is expected that in the next 5-7 years in Russia there will be at least another 2 loukostera whose purpose will reach most of the country.


Airline "Dobrolet." C which began loukost


Most of us perfectly remember the first Russian loukoster "Dobrolot", which proved in practice that low-budget air transportation is really in demand on the territory of Russia. Only in less than 2 months of its activity, the first Russian loukoster managed to transport more than 65 thousand passengers, and most of the tickets were sold out for weeks and months ahead. At first glance, it may seem that 65 thousand passengers in aviation are not that big a figure, but considering the fact that the air carrier had only two air routes from 11 presumed, it can be assumed that the annual passenger traffic of Dobrolot airline could be By the most conservative estimates about 2 million 150 thousand people, which is comparable to the largest Russian air carriers.



However, in view imposed by the EU and US sanctions, 4 2014 August, the airline "Dobrolet" was forced to suspend its activities, despite the fact that the plans for the near future are very promising.


Airline "Victory"


As is well known, often have to learn from the initial mistakes, and business interruption Russian loukostera "Dobrolet"Did not diminish the desire to develop a low-cost air transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation. Almost immediately the closure of the airline "Dobrolet" group of companies "Aeroflot" has announced that in the near future will create its new airline, which will be low-cost air travel on the principle that once existed "DOBROLYOT."



Initially it was thought that the self-promotion "DOBROLYOT" will lead to the fact that the name of the new airline will change only formally (assuming the name of the new airline will be heard only as "Dobrolet Plus"), but later it became known that the new loukoster will be called " Victory ".

Initially, the airline "Victory" were serious difficulties with registration and therefore ticket sales, and the timing of the first flight is constantly postponed, but later the situation returned to normal - flights with "Victory" went on sale, and the date of the first flight was scheduled for December 1 2014 years.

Just this week the sale of the airline "Victory" was able to realize 20 thousand tickets, which greatly exceeded the demand from pre-existing loukostera "Dobrolet."


The development of low-cost airlines in Russia. A start?


Today, the creation of new low-cost airlines is already thinking many Russian carriers. It is worth noting that due to the first Russian air carriers, in particular, it refers to "DOBROLYOT", and now to the airline's "Victory", produced a kind of testing needs of many thousands of passengers, with the result showed that people are willing to pay a smaller amount, regardless of the that if they would fly in comfort, or they face a number of restrictions.



In the event that the airline "Victory"Show good results of its activities, it is likely in the near future, and for aviation is a period of several years, the market of the supply of air services of the Russian Federation may appear n6ovye low cost carriers, especially because the payback period of the air fleet, even if it loading on 90%, will not exceed 2-4 years.

Despite the fact that in providing a wider audience of citizens interested in more domestic air carriers, it is possible that the services market Russia can come and foreign low-cost airlines, but at the moment, at least 7-8 years, it is not It planned.

Thus, all of the above basic conclusions can be made:

  • Low budget passenger air transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation enjoyed a huge success among the passengers;
  • Government interest in developing in routing in the country;
  • Low budget air travel can be performed on a par with conventional, with the competitiveness of it has practically no effect;
  • In the near future we can expect an increase in the number of Russian low-cost airlines.


Finally, the main conclusion is that low-cost air travel is incredibly strong appeal for passengers and for airlines, as is well known, if there is demand, then, over time, the proposal, which again points to the fact that in the next few years You can expect the development of low-cost airlines in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Kostyuchenko Yuri specifically for Avia.Pro

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