Jet aircraft in World War II

Jet aircraft in World War II


The successes achieved by German scientists in the creation and development of rocket and missile technology, were outstanding. Fundamental research and applied nature of the work allowed to create new models of weapons and to carry out its combat use. Jet aircraft and missiles, produced in series, improved, and fought when it was time to become public property: the material that gave impetus to the development of aviation in a new historical juncture, at the global level.

Foreign Motors in domestic WWII aircraft

During World War II participated planes with jet engines of the three countries - Germany, Britain, the United States. The main German aircraft were Me-262, Me-162, Me-163. Particularly successful in they brought militarily, but technically their role was enormous. Luftwaffe jets appeared in the sky military only in the second half of the year 1944. This happened at a time when the outcome of the war was clear. German leadership until the last weeks of the war trying to change the situation in their favor, it hoped for a "miracle weapon", believe in its power, built a make plans.

In mid-March 1945, the decision was made concerning the use of software in combat aircraft. In accordance with the decision of all forces should be thrown at the issue of new planes: Me-262Armed with four guns (caliber 30 mm) Arado-234, Not-162, Ta-152, night fighter Ju-88.

release program of new aircraft, however, was unrealistic. It was planned to produce monthly Me-262 - 1000 copies, not-162 - 500, Ta-152 - 500, Ar-234 - to 100, Ju-88 - 50. Approached the end of the war did not allow to carry out these plans. Available also in service with jets fought to the last day of the war.


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