Jetpacks. The problem for civil aviation?
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Jetpacks. The problem for civil aviation?

Jetpacks. The problem for civil aviation?


Not so long ago it was reported that the world's first jet pack that allows a person to rise into the air, will be available later in the year 2016. Of course, this news is certainly pleased most of the world's population, however, it is possible that such a hasty decision in advance of the launch of mass production of jetpacks, bring plenty of problems.



First of all, it should be noted that the idea of ​​flying with a jet pack probably will attract a lot of people, however, in reality, at the moment there are absolutely no regulated rules for the operation of this device - the situation in a year or two will resemble the situation with unmanned aerial vehicles that Have already become a real headache for most countries. Man, climbing the sky with a jet pack, will probably want to try all his possibilities, and given that it can bring problems to civil aviation, it is probably worth thinking about creating special rules and regulations for flights.



The first thing that the developers of jet packs themselves should think about is the creation of special sensors that would allow the pilot to be warned about being in the vicinity of an aircraft. Moreover, the sensor itself must be adapted to the control system of the jet pack - in case of danger of approach, the automatic program should reduce the thrust of the jet streams to a minimum, thereby protecting both the pilot and civil aviation facilities. The current problem is completely solved, however, it should be worked out in advance in order to prevent the emergence of emergency circumstances, which usually end as victims and victims.



In addition, for certain it is to impose restrictions on flights to jetpacks (dzhetpakah) in the vicinity of airports and airfields, as it will bear a definite threat to civil aviation. Also, do not forget that jetpacks will be able to raise man in the air at a fairly high altitude and therefore reappears threat to aviation funds, which is why should carefully consider this issue by putting limits on the rise.

Of course, the jetpack, presented by Yves Rossi, and this is the device goes on sale in 2016 year, is designed for use exclusively with the other flying means or else for the flight to high-rise buildings, however, pre-designed measures will allow in the future to avoid potential problems, especially when it comes to universal accessibility.


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