Reducers intermediate and tail helicopter rotor
Reducers intermediate and tail helicopter rotor

Reducers intermediate and tail helicopter rotor


GH are for changing the direction of the axis of the drive shaft in accordance with the CM curved tail boom (4.4.1). This change is achieved by a pair of bevel gears with the reduction of close to unity.

Reducer RV (4.4.2) is designed to change the direction of the axis of the drive shaft at an angle of 90 ° and reducing its speed. This is done by means of two bevel gears with the respective gear ratio. The gearbox is located as collective pitch control mechanism PB.

The speed of the drive shaft on the gearbox GR PB and the amount of reduction in its conical pair selected in the process of minimizing the weight of the drive elements PB. Speed ​​is determined by the PB of aerodynamic considerations.

Power circuit sump PB is selected in the formation of the mass of its gearbox and shaft PB. Typically, the shaft RS is selected as a spring, i.e. shaft transmits only the torque. In this case, the lateral loads and the propeller thrust through with a sleeve bearing units are transmitted directly to the body (housing) of the gearbox. For light helicopters may take a different power circuit, then the parameters of the console tree PB will be defined on it all applicable loads - torque and bending moment and thrust PB.

Lubrication of the intermediate gear and steering gear, the transmission power of small, bubble, ie, one of the gears is partially immersed in the oil lubricates and rotates another gear in tooth contact point. Furthermore, the crankcase oil mist is created which, settling on the teeth and bearings lubricate them. Bubble oil system requires special trapping pockets of oil, drilling in the crankcase and glasses, which oil is supplied from the pockets of all the bearings housing.

Otherwise it requires forced oil supply, the jet of which is directed at the contact caused to engage the teeth. In the intermediate gear heavy helicopter gear lubricant is mainly just a forced.

Reducers intermediate and tail helicopter rotor

Depending on the magnitude of the transmitted power to the PB oil cooling can be carried out by blowing on the outer surface of the housing refrain of his gear. If this fails to carry out the heat transfer from the hot oil to atmospheric air, the oil is cooled in a special oil-air radiator or blowing fan gear case.

Carters PR and PB gears are usually made of aluminum and magnesium casting alloys.

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