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RheinmetallDeTec KZO
RheinmetallDeTec KZO

RheinmetallDeTec KZO

At the beginning of the year 1989 jointly by French and German designers began developing a fundamentally new model called unmanned KZO. Yet in 1995, the French refused to cooperate on the project, the final fine-tuning of the UAV conducted a German company Rheinmetall DeTec, which produced the first car of this class in 1998 year.

The first order of these machines carried the Bundeswehr in 1998 year, was ordered immediately 8 UAV platoons, each platoon contains 10 2 vehicles and ground stations to control, which are based on the chassis of trucks.

The first unmanned KZO platoons to serve in the army only arrived in late autumn 2005 years, this was due to a number of technical problems that have been associated with the construction. The remaining ordered platoons came to 2007, after which began operation in actual combat conditions. External parameters are very similar to an unmanned vehicle manufactured in the US under the symbol StrategyPage.

The total mass of the German unmanned vehicle KZO at take-off is equal to 161 kilogram, while on board the machine can be placed up to 28 kilogram of payload. This aircraft can be effectively used to interfere with the enemy and radio electronic reconnaissance. Depending on the task at hand, Fledermaus or Mucke equipment is installed on the device. It is also possible to install a radar equipment or an IR sensor. This UAV has installed cameras that allow you to observe the territory from a height in real time. The range of the drone from the control point reaches 150 kilometers, in addition, in the air, KZO can be up to 6 hours.

RheinmetallDeTecKZO. Features:

Modification KZO
Wingspan, m 3.42
Length m 2.25
Height, m 0.96
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 161
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp X 1 32
Maximum speed km / h 220
Speed ​​patrol, km / h 120-150
Radius of action, km 100
The duration of the flight, ch.min 3.30
The height of the patrol, m 300-3500


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