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Richard Bach - Biplane. Book reviews, reviews, autobiography.
Aviation and literature
Richard Bach - Biplane. Book reviews, reviews, autobiography.

Richard Bach - Biplane.


The book is written by a man who is in love with the sky.

Biplane 1929 of release for it has become a real "friend" has become a time machine, which brought to life his dream.

He felt free. It is this condition, he shares with readers.

This book is not about the love of two halves, not about love for the country, this book is about the love of man to the aircraft.

As such, there is no plot, the book is autobiographical, tells and describes episodes from the life.

In 1966, the author exchanges his plane 46-year on a biplane 29-year. In it, he is sent flying, flying 2700 miles across the country from one end to the other.

Richard Bach - Biplane. Book reviews, reviews, autobiography.


Most of the book - a flight. Quite a bit - intervening episodes, dialogues with people, refueling stops. The book is about how a person with an airplane becomes one, he can not live a day without his winged friend.

The ship is his guide to the world of vintage aviators, with their worries and fears.During the flight, the plane author teaches some valuable lessons, tips.Reading the book, you can cherpnut for themselves any new information from the history of avionics.

For those, who loves to fly.


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