Robert Ritter von Greim
Robert Ritter von Greim

Robert Ritter von Greim


Robert Ritter von Greim (Robert Ritter von Greim, 22 June 1892 - 24 May 1945) German pilot of both world wars, the commander in chief of the Luftwaffe, Field Marshal aviation.

Ritter von Greim Robert was promoted to field marshal of 12 days before the end of the war. He began his military service in the artillery, but then moved to the aircraft, which reached the highest peaks. He commanded a squadron of fighter aviation, was an inspector of fighter and bomber aircraft, he commanded in 1940 5-Corps of the Air Force, with the city 1943 - 6-Air Corps. Throughout the war he had on the Soviet-German front. Robert Greim was the last commander of the Luftwaffe, who spoke with A. Hitler. Captured American troops. In captivity he was long - 24 May 1945 city committed suicide.

The highest post in the Air Forces of Germany - Inspector of the Air Force, which is actually the commander of the native troops.


Best in the world of aviation