Radar P-40A Radar complex "Armor"
Radar P-40A

Radar P-40A Radar complex "Armor"


The radar 1RL128 “Armor” (radar of the circular review) together with the radar altimeter 1RL132 forms the three-coordinate radar П-40А.

Radar P-40A Radar complex "Bronya" 1

The main tasks of the 1 RL128 rangefinder:

  • identifying air targets;
  • definition of azimuth and slant range of air targets;
  • automatic output of the altimeter antenna to the air target and displaying the height value of the air target according to the altimeter data;
  • control your aircraft using the P-862 aircraft radio station and the circular view indicator;
  • direction finding for jammers.

Radar P-40A Radar complex "Bronya" inside photo

The radar complex refers to the composition of radio engineering formations and air defense units, as well as anti-aircraft missile formations and units of military air defense.


Structurally, all the equipment, antenna-feeder system and ground-based radar interrogator are located on a self-propelled 426Y tracked chassis with their components. In addition, there are 2 gas turbine power units on it.


Main characteristics


Viewing area:           

  • azimuth, hail - 360
  • by distance, km - 300
  • on a corner of a place, a hail. - 0,5-28

Radar P-40A Radar complex "Bronya" photo

Measured coordinates - azimuth, range.

The review method is circular in azimuth.

Impulse power, MW - 1,7.

Receiver sensitivity, W - 2 x 10-14.

Review rate, s - 12, 18.

Deployment time, min. - 14.

The wavelength range is decimeter.


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