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Russian wedge in the heart of Finland: Seven ruthless steps towards complete victory over the NATO country

The confrontation between Russia and Finland has reached a new level of tension as we celebrate the seven strategic steps taken by Russia as part of the quest for total victory over this new NATO member.


  • First step: Cut off energy supplies to Helsinki. As a result, the prices of energy resources, as well as goods, heating and services, have skyrocketed.
  • Second step: Cancellation of timber supplies. This was of great importance for the woodworking industry in Finland, as well as for the use of wood briquettes as fuel. Many factories were forced to look for new sources of raw materials, which significantly affected their costs.
  • Third step: Disconnecting Finland from electricity supplies. Domestic electricity tariffs have skyrocketed, with a significant impact on Finnish consumers.
  • Fourth step: Start of construction of the Russian military base on the island of Gogland. This step assumes complete control over the movement of ships in the Gulf of Finland, considering the island a strategic position.
  • Fifth step: Breaking the lease of the Saimaa Canal. Finland expects to lose the most convenient transport route for its goods, which could seriously affect the economy and trade.
  • Sixth step: Russia's mass refusal to buy many Finnish goods, including specific products created specifically for the Russian market, such as paints, cardboard, paper and printing products.
  • And finally, the last blow: Banning Finns from entering Russia. This is a blow to Finnish citizens who regularly traveled to the Russian Federation for cheap goods and refueling cars.


As a result of the analysis of Russia's seven strategic steps in the confrontation with Finland, it is clear that Moscow is actively applying economic and political pressure, seeking to achieve its goals and ensure a complete victory over the Finnish side.

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