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The birth of aviation
The birth of aviation

The birth of aviation. Year of birth of aviation.



People have long dreamed to conquer the sky run to kites and lanterns. Many fairy tales, myths and even historical legends tell us about flights, and not very successful.

But, aviation birth in most countries usually associated with the names of the Wright brothers. It is they who give many leadership in carrying out a successful solo flight of a manned vessel. The plane stayed in the air 12 40 seconds and overcame meters and then fell down, but the flight was declared valid.

The Wright brothers, of course, not the only ones at the time engaged in the development of aircraft. Many countries still do not agree with the official history and are willing to give the palm to someone else (someone from compatriots, as a rule). For example, some French is considered the father of aviation Clement Ader, whose ship was like a flying bat. But his trials were undervalued: it is possible, the results were not very satisfactory.


The birth of aviation. Wright brothers.

The birth of aviation. Wright brothers.


New Zealand lead the example of Richard Piarsa who created monoplane made of bamboo and canvas. In March 1903 years Piars flew it 135 m. However, in the monoplane was not well thought-out management system, and whether he hit the fence.

The Wright Brothers, by contrast, focus more on flying and were well aware of the difference between the aircraft (from the word "self") and the glider. They enthusiastically designed court that it would be able to fly and not fly. The brothers built their models for wind tunnel. More than 60 different designs have passed their tests there, which gave the nascent aviation invaluable experience.

The need for the engine was apparent. On this, as an essential condition for independent flight, theoretically paid attention the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg in 1716 year. At the beginning of the last century, the world automobile engines were already familiar. But they would be too heavy to fly. Rather, it would fit something made of aluminum alloy.

Aviation Year of birth 1906

Aviation Year of birth 1906


December 17 1903, after starting the engine airplane the Wright brothers started overclocking. They drove Orwell and Wilbur running alongside and support the wings. The car pulled away from the ground and overcome 250 meters. However, not everyone believes that the first flight of the brothers managed, but the fourth was found that way.

I must say, the Germans, the French and violently assaulted the Wright brothers, calling them swindlers, and flights - a bluff. The French have another reason to argue. Their compatriot Alberto Santos-Dumont makes the first solo flight to the general public in the year 1906. The length of the flight was 240 m. And the Wright brothers preferred to keep many of their developments secret. In 1907, the Scientific American magazine promised a prize to the first pilot, which will be overcome in the air a mile in a straight line. The Wright brothers, for some reason, did not want to participate. A prize in July 1908 has received the Glenn Curtis on an airplane June Bell


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