RQ-3 DarkStar
RQ-3 DarkStar

RQ-3 DarkStar

RQ 3 Darkstar - UAV, which is developed by Lockheed Martin Corp. and Boeing. In 1994 the consortium in their part of the project began developing a secret drone program for Tier III Minus. In the spring of the year 1996 recorded its first flight. Height was 2000 m. It has successfully completed a flight from launch to landing, using GPS (global navigation system). RQ 3 able to fly at speeds of 463 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 13716 925 m distance away. The flight may last longer 8 hours.

During the development of Darkstar technology was used "stealth", which allows you to enter the system unnoticed by the enemy. On bespilotnike mounted electro-optical sensor and radar aperture grille. UAV manufactures digital transmission, in contrast to predecessors that used film. The division of Lockheed engaged in the manufacture and installation of the fuselage. Because of budget cuts program was closed at the end of 1999 4 Total manufactured UAVs.

RQ-3 DarkStar. Characteristics:

Modification RQ-3
Wingspan, m 21.03
Length m 4.57
Height, m 1.06
The width of the fuselage, m 3.66
Maximum take-off weight, kg 3855
engine's type 1 turbofan Williams-Rolls FJ44-1A
Thrust, kgf X 1 862
Cruising speed, km / h 463
Practical range, km 925
Practical ceiling, m 13716


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