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The Mi-28N junk is a shame of the Russian helicopter combat aviation!
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The Mi-28N junk is a shame of the Russian helicopter combat aviation!

The Mi-28N junk is a shame of the Russian helicopter combat aviation!



"A Russian military helicopter crashed in Syria.

At the moment it is known that the combat helicopter Mi-28 was escorting another aircraft, however, due to a technical malfunction, and this version is currently considered the main one, the aircraft began to lose altitude and fell. Initially, the editorial board of had information that the helicopter could be shot down, however, this information was disproved, while the source reports that none of the people on board the aircraft were injured.

... find out all the circumstances of what has happened to experts who have already begun to investigate "

Another source: "According to the report of the crew, as well as after inspection of the machine, there was no fire impact on the helicopter".

Good - a security guard, do not say anything! And the crew can be doubled for the crew: the first and most important thing is alive, and the second - in the conclusion of the "objective" commission of inquiry now there will be no sacrilegious pile, as if "the crew lost its spatial position in flight".

The fact is that the best pilots are sent to Syria:

"Those sent to Syria underwent additional training, during which the crews not only improved their skills, but also practiced new techniques. Much attention was paid precisely to the performance of shock tasks in the dark. They are basic for Mi-28N, which underlines the name "Night Hunter" (Error of "Night Hunter" -

As you can see, the preparation of this crew for night flights was thorough and the conclusion of the commission about the loss of the spatial position in flight - the bullshit of the blue mare in support of the creators of this miracle helicopter.

And for the loss of Mi-28 - there is no pity, because it's a piece of iron, albeit very expensive, but a piece of iron.

True, on the Internet about him more praise is written:

«25.09.2017. Cyril Yablochkin. Crouching "Night Hunter": the main attack helicopter of the Russian Air Force. "
«07 oct. 2017. Author Alexander Strizhov.

Legendary helicopters. Combat helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter" - a modern attack helicopter, which is designed to search for and destroy tanks, armored and unarmored vehicles, as well as enemy infantry on the battlefield and low-speed air targets. The helicopter is able to operate day and night in simple and difficult weather conditions ... zіsmо.bіz ».

In Syria, this "modern attack helicopter, which is designed to search for and destroy tanks" just against the tanks, was not used for the simple reason that the anti-tank system "Ataka" installed on it is too old in design and does not allow firing missiles, not entering the air defense zone of tanks. The tanks of militants were destroyed from real attack helicopters: Ka-52.

"For today, Rostvertol continues to produce a new generation of combat helicopter Mi-28N, he also called" Night Hunter "in NATO Havoc -" Ravager ".

And in truth - "Ravager"! Only not on the battlefield, but on the "devastation" of the Russian state budget, for which he is being praised by NATO and Americans: "Mi-28N helicopter was highly praised by US experts." 10.07.2015. "

"15 October 2009. by the order of the President of Russia, Mi-28N was officially adopted as the main attack helicopter "(mіlіtarуrussіа.ru)

The Mi-28N junk is a shame of the Russian helicopter combat aviation!


This "legendary" helicopter, like no other, brought our pilots and their families much more grief than good, and the State - moral and financial damage.

  • 15 February 2011 year - a disaster in the Budennovsk area, the crew commander was killed. The reason is that the gearbox has chased the shavings;

  • 16 August 2012 - hard landing at the Mozdok airfield, the crew survived, but suffered serious injuries;

  • 2 August 2015, a helicopter crashed from the aerobatics group "Berkut", the crew commander Colonel Butenko was killed. The reason is the same;

  • 12 April 2016 year, in the area of ​​Homs, the crew died, you must understand that the actual cause is the same.

  • 6 October 2017 in Syria, the Russian Mi-28 crashed, the crew is alive. The cause is being clarified.

It could be expected that after the first catastrophe in Syria, Mi-28N will be taken out of service, but it is not likely that they (Mi-28) are not satisfied with the plan for "hard landing" according to the "application" of yours.

But we have the best Ka-50 attack helicopter in the world, which proved its reliability in practical matters in the Chechen war. Previously, he won three consecutive competitions in a fair fight against the "semi-finished" Mi-28N, and he did not just win, but under the watchful eye of MVZ designers.

The Mi-28N junk is a shame of the Russian helicopter combat aviation!


It would seem that it is still necessary that the truly combat helicopter "Black Shark" take its well-deserved place in our Army aviation? But no! On its way an impenetrable wall is the corruption that takes precedence over the mind to defend the Fatherland.


"And Vaska listens and ECT!" (Krylov)

Even the fool will not believe in the superiority of the "Night Hunter" over the "Black Shark", but they continue to supply this junk (Mi-28N), which is very formidable in appearance, but with which the militants do not need to be shot down. they themselves fall!

The Mi-28N junk is a shame of the Russian helicopter combat aviation!


Looking at this picture is clearer than clear that this helicopter is far from the present - too much frontal resistance. The pilots flying to Ka-50 and Mi-28 in one voice declare the clear advantage of the "Black Shark" over the "Night Hunter", but for some reason such a reality is ex-VVC-VKS commanders perceived with a reverse course! True, initially the RF President put Mi-28 in place of Ka-50 after the "convincing" presentation of his ex. Minister of Defense S.Ivanov: "... its combat and technical characteristics of the Mi-28-M are four to five times greater than our current mass Mi-24 helicopter" ( And the then commander-in-chief of the VVS V.Mikhailov attributed to him already the fifth generation, although he does not pull the third one.

Probably, the methods of conducting combat operations for modern helicopters should be corrected. The previous tactic was based on the experience of combat use of Mi-24 helicopters in Afghanistan, and today it is obsolete. In the video in Syria, Mi-35 / Mi-28N helicopters in each carousel launch NURSs on the positions of militants, shooting back heat traps. It looks very impressive, and below the postscript, that the militants can not raise their heads. So it is so, but what is the efficiency of their work, and even after the launch of expensive missiles? If these helicopters were hovering at the correct altitude and worked aiming at the same fighters - the effect would not be so much visual, as business! But these helicopters are not capable of hovering at altitudes due to weak power-to-weight ratio with full combat load, guaranteeing them from the defeat from small arms.

In such cases only Ka-50 / 52 helicopters are able to confidently hang to the height of 4km, i.е. Our Army needs new modern helicopters of the Ka-50 type, but already with high speed characteristics. And our Glavkom VKS all eagerly waiting for Mi-28NM, which fly with a snail's speed. Direct wonders of some kind: The army needs modern, more advanced helicopters, and to the Air Commander-in-Chief - give OLD!


Vitalii Belyaev.


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Sergey 16 Oct 2017 in 21: 31
Vitaly Belyaev. The pilot himself?

Yes, in the past, the commander of the Mi-8 helicopter, Mi-6.

Vitaly Belyaev. The pilot himself?

--- Boris 11 Oct 2017 "Of course, I'm not an expert, but it's like kicking a helicopter Mi-28 like-that's too much."
*** Dear Boris, "somehow too much" is to kill our combat pilots! And the classics on this topic suggest: "One fact can be an accident, two - a coincidence, and three - the pattern!"

Of course, I'm not an expert, but I want to hit a helicopter Mi-28 like that, too. As they say in a comparative article ria news, it's difficult to say which helicopter is better, because they are about the same in combat effectiveness. Maximalk in both 300 km / h, the range of distances for both is about 1100 km, the combat is the same, 450, the kama has a load of up to 2800, the bears have up to 2300, the static ceiling is in the 3600 bear, the 4000 has a kama, but the dynamic 5500 kama, when the 5600 bears, the climbing rate of the 13,6 bear, the 15 kama. The gun is the same, but the Kama has 210 shells more security, almost twice. The missile weapons are the same, although the kama has two more suspension points. And there were only two accidents at the Kama. So yeah, Kama is a bit better on the flight data, and it's safer for her, but mi-28 is not so bad as to call it junk

One accident on a cameo, the second amers have arranged for the general of our dear to fill up! Peace to him and the Kingdom of Heaven deserved!