Rutan RAPTOR multipurpose UAV
Rutan RAPTOR multipurpose UAV

Rutan RAPTOR multipurpose UAV

The project RAPTOR company Scaled Composites intended to create a UAV, which is at an altitude of 20 km had to patrol the area over 48 hours. The device should detect and shoot down ballistic missiles in the boost phase of their trajectory with two rockets Talon. The company has built 2 demonstrator who called Raptor. One of them made the first flight in April 27 93-first, but after was lost. Next UAV flew in 1994 year. This unit features a wide fuselage.

A year later, the program was transferred to the RAPTOR agency NASA and was seen as a flying laboratory for testing of different equipment and environmental studies. The wing span was the second Raptor 20,12 m. Its propulsion system includes a motor that drives the rotation of the screw diameter 5,27 m.

Rutan RAPTOR.Harakteristiki:

Modification Raptor
Wingspan, m 20.04
Length m 7.62
Height, m  
Wing area, m2 17.46
Weight, kg  
null 367
takeoff 853
engine's type 1 914 the Rotax AP
Power, hp X 1 100
Maximum speed km / h 148
Practical range, km 278
Flight duration, h 4-8
Practical ceiling, m 20000


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