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SAAB JA.37 Viggen
SAAB JA.37 Viggen

SAAB JA.37 Viggen


Swedish Air Force fighter of its own production is in service since the early 1970-ies. The aircraft was manufactured in different versions: AJ-37, SF-37, JA-37. In 2002 191, Sweden possessed aircraft AJ-37 and 46 SF-37. According to their purpose fighter can perform the tasks of air defense, to make aerial reconnaissance, applied bombing and missile strikes on land and sea surface targets.


SAAB JA.37 Viggen photo

SAAB JA.37 Viggen photo

Power plant: One turbojet thrust 11 800 kg.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the fighter

SAAB JA.37 Viggen



  • Wingspan, m 10,6

  • Length, m 16,3

  • Height, m ​​5,6

  • Wing area, m2 46

  • Useful weight, kg 5000

  • Launch weight, kg 20 500

  • Flight speed, km / h: m at a height of 1100 2360

  • flight speed, km / h: at the ground 1350

  • Flight range, km 4000

  • Ceiling, m 18 000


SAAB JA.37 Viggen photo

SAAB JA.37 Viggen photo booths

Small arms:

  • gun 2 30 mm x

  • Managed

  • rocket 2 x Rb.04, 2 x Rb.5

  • Unguided rockets 12 135 mm x

  • Bomb load kg 5000


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