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French company Sagem 1.06.2007 years has demonstrated the possibility of Russian journalists from its unmanned SPERWER. This machine was made jointly by Dassault and Sperwer. The main task of the aircraft is to perform a huge number of military tasks such as patrol, reconnaissance, pointing at the target, while the unit remains one of the main functions of the division. There are modifications that can enhance the combat strikes against enemy forces.

The system includes Sagem SPERWER

  • Three of the aircraft.

  • Ground mission control station.

  • Catapult pneumatic type to run unmanned.

  • The transport truck.

  • The station for receiving and analyzing data.

Upon completion of the task Sagem SPERWER to land with a parachute system. Transportation of the entire complex can be carried out using the aircraft type C-130 Hercules. It should be noted that the operation of the complex is possible from unprepared positions.

A remote control has the ability to carry out quality control of just two aircraft. If you use multiple management systems, you can transfer control among themselves.

The design and features Sagem SPERWER

The geometric dimensions of the machine are small, the total length of 3,5 meters and the wingspan of 4,2 meters. The device has a delta wing and a four-bladed screw pushing type. When designing the aerodynamic scheme "duck" was chosen. The standard model can stay in the air for up to 6 hours without landing. So, there is a drone Sperwer B, which can fly for 20 hours, with the total weight of the car equal to 330 kilogram. On its board the device can take up to 45 kilogram of payload, and a modified version up to 100 kilogram. As for the speed of the flight, it can reach a maximum of 240 km / h. As much as possible, the car can fly 200 kilometers along the way.

The power plant is represented by a piston twin engine of the brand Bombardier-Rotax 562UL, which gives 65 horsepower and takes up to 6,5 thousand revolutions per minute. The landing parachute has an area of ​​117 square. m. For a safe landing using airbags. The upgraded version has a larger wingspan and better flight performance. Sperwer The device can be used in quite bad weather conditions.

The payload unmanned may consist of a thermal imager, TV camera that quality works in near-zero visibility conditions, objects and laser rangefinder type. All of this equipment makes it possible to survey the territory and recognize objects is also conducted topographic binding up to 20 meters.

Sagem SPERWER UAV models used in military armaments France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Greece. So, from year 2006 data sets used in the Kandahar province in Afghanistan.

SagemSPERWER. Characteristics:

Modification Sperwer
Wingspan, m 4.20
Aircraft Length m 3.50
Weight, kg 330
engine's type 1 PD Bombardier-Rotax 562UL
Power, hp X 1 65
Maximum speed km / h 240
Flight duration, h 6
Practical ceiling, m  


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