Samara Aerospace State University named after academician SP Korolev
Samara Aerospace State University named after academician SP Korolev

Samara Aerospace State University named after academician SP Korolev



Also it called the National Research University (Gray, formerly named Kuibyshev Aviation Institute) - Russian state s educational institution of professional higher education, one of the leading technical higher educational institutions in the Samara region, Samara, Russian Federation.

SSAU is structurally composed of five institutes, nine faculties, more than fifty chairs. There is a branch in the city of Togliatti, which was closed in 2012 and an official representative office in Novokuibyshevsk. This university is also referred to as the Samara Aerospace International Lyceum, the Physics and Mathematics School, the Samara Aviation Technical School, and the Aviation and Transport College. The University contains an extensive technical and scientific library and two educational and scientific centers: the Educational and Scientific Center "Mathematical Foundations of Diffractive Optics and Image Retouching" and the Samara Research and Innovation Center for Research and Development of Magnetic-Impulse Technologies. Scientific divisions of the university: four design student bureaus, five research institutes, more than two dozen research and scientific laboratories, the technological and scientific park "Aviaktekonikon" and the technical and scientific center "Nauka". In addition, there are the Museum of Astronautics and Aviation, the Center for the History of Aviation Motors and the training aerodrome.

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With all this in SSAU receive higher education at the same time more than ten thousand students, of which more than seven thousand studying full-time. Students are taught to more than seven hundred teachers, of which more than three hundred lecturers and professors more than a hundred. SSAU area is more than hundreds of thousands of square meters, of which more than thirty thousand are used for training.


Administrative structures


Like many other higher education institutions, Samara State Aerospace University is managed directly by the Rector and on certain areas of his assistants - vice-rectors, who all together constitute the supreme governing body of university administration universiteta-. Moreover, all overriding issues related to the development strategy in the future of the University, decides representative elected body - Academic Council.

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The relationship between all students and staff are regulated by the Charter of the Samara State Aerospace University Samara State Aerospace University. According to this statute, the supreme body for the university management is a University Conference. This is a general meeting of the university, designed to raise its consideration only the most urgent issues that arise before SSAU. in fact, the Conference is going to very rarely and only when absolutely necessary. HEI Guide actually carry out academic council and university administration.


Academic Council


Academic Council - a representative elected body, which is responsible for the general management of the University. He selected the conference of the University for three years. It includes necessarily the whole university administration, all other members are elected by secret ballot, but the overall composition should not exceed the number 84 person. Typically, the whole in the academic council also includes the heads of the various departments and deans of various faculties (at least most of them). Academic Council is authorized to:

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  • Annually, the Rector of the University to hear the report and decide on the future organization of work;
  • Consider the major issues of social and economic development of the university;
  • Addresses the issue of the abolition and establishment of structural departments of the university;
  • Apply for the establishment of branches of higher educational institutions to the founder;
  • Choose heads of departments;
  • Consider questions of attribution of ranks of scientists, such as Professor and Associate Professor;
  • Assign researchers the title "Honorary Doctor of Samara State Aerospace University", Senior Fellow Researcher;
  • Approve algorithm purpose scholarships to students;
  • To transfer certain powers of its Academic Council of the various departments;
  • Set for the different categories of teachers workload of departments in different fields;
  • Making a conference to discuss the University of changes and additions to the charter;
  • Approve the plan of work for the academic year of the Academic Council;
  • Recommend for admission to doctoral candidates;

and so on.

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Other educational institutions


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