Kuznetsov Design Bureau
Kuznetsov Design Bureau

Kuznetsov Design Bureau



Samara Scientific-Technical Complex named Nikolay Kuznetsov (SNTK them. Kuznetsov ND) - the earlier aircraft engine-building company located in Samara. Joined the JSC "Kuznetsov" from June 2011 years. Newer titles - Plant № 276, Kuibyshev Engine Plant, State Union Experimental Plant № 2, Kuibyshev Scientific and Production Association "Trud".

Kuznetsov Design Bureau


Developer engines of NK (formerly known under the brand TV) for both civil and military aircraft, engines for power plants and gas-pumping units on the basis of aircraft engines and rocket engines ,. The largest in the Commonwealth of Independent States, the company for the creation and development of aircraft engines.

SNTK them. Kuznetsov, ND was created in 1946 year as a design office in accordance with the orders of the Minister № 228 19.04.1946 from the aviation industry called the State Union Experimental Plant № 2. With 1950-ies Experimental Design Bureau designed the engines produced at the plant them later. Frunze.

In 1946 year at the plant № 145 Kirov SM in the village near the city of Kuibyshev Management (currently Samara) was established the State Union Experimental Plant № 2 Ministry of Aviation Industry of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. His primary task was to develop an aircraft turboprop and turbojet engines. Olehnovich NM was appointed director of the plant.

Kuznetsov Design Bureau


15.04.1949 Nikolai Kuznetsov was transferred from Ufa and was appointed chief designer. In May 1949, the chief designer and plant manager was appointed Nikolai Kuznetsov.

Plant № 2.07.1957 276 said one of the highest honors - the Order of Lenin.

27.08.1953 second pilot plant was renamed the pilot plant № 276. Since June 1967 year pilot plant № 276 renamed Kuibyshev engine plant of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In July 1981 year according to the order of the Ministry of Aviation Industry was established Kuibyshev Scientific and Production Association "Trud". It consists of Kuibyshev Engineering Design Bureau, Kuibyshev Engine Plant and the Kazan Design Bureau Engineering. Kuznetsov headed the Association ND

Kuznetsov Design Bureau


On January 25 1991, the company was named SGNPP "Trud" (Samara State Research and Production Enterprise "Work").

Head SGNPP "Trud" in June 1993 was appointed Eugene A. Gritsenko.

In June, the company 1994 again became known as a new SNTK JSC "NK Engines (JSC" Samara Scientific-Technical Complex "Engines NC" "). SNTK JSC "NK Engines" in January 1996, it was renamed JSC "SNTK them. ND Kuznetsov "(JSC" Kuznetsov Design Bureau ").

27.06.2011 OJSC "Samara Engineering Design Bureau", JSC "SNTK them. ND Kuznetsov "and" NPO "Volga Avita" joined the JSC "Kuznetsov", which was called to 2010 years of "Motorostroitel").

Kuznetsov Design Bureau


In 2007, the largest shareholders of the company were Russian Federal Property Fund (60protsentov), ​​a businessman from Samara Leushkin Alex (16 percent) and IR 'Gazinvest »(7,6 percent), other shares belong to natural and legal persons. In the early 2008 year deal to sell shares Leushkina Alexei (21,6 percent) of the state, rather Oboronprom has been completed. The amount of the transaction - approximately 4 million.

In September 2007 years Tresvyatskaya Sergei both general and executive director was dismissed, the acting head of the appointed Fedorchenko Dmitry G. chief designer of the company

The volume of output in 2006 has reached record astronomical numbers in 969 million rubles.

In general, the company is actively developing due to the investments and the program of state support for plans to not only all-Russian, but also world-class quality.

Kuznetsov Design Bureau


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