black airplane
black airplane

black airplane

Coloring in aviation is a color scheme for painting aircraft, which serves to distinguish a ship from its counterparts or to mask a military aircraft in the sky. The original coloring of their aircraft is used by airlines for advertising, putting on its fuselage and plumage its symbolism. The purpose of giving the aircraft a certain color performance may be very different. Sometimes they do it to commemorate a memorable date or some kind of event, sometimes the aircraft are repainted without any reason, just the owner wants to see his plane like that.

Stain warplanes black started since the Second World War. Then the military designers hoped for the best masking properties of these aircraft at night. So let the night bombers and fighters in black.

black airplane Douglas A-26 Invader

Douglas A-26 «Inveyder" - American neighbor attack bomber. The design of all-metal aircraft provided monoplane with straight wings. The power plant was equipped with two engines. Management was conducted by only one pilot, which was unusual for that time of stormtroopers. Start of production "Inveyder" dates back to 1942 of

Airplane black Northrop P-61 Black Widow

Norton American night fighter F-61 «Black Widow" was built in the city of 1944 This aircraft was the first in the history of a specially designed night fighter equipped with radar and other electronics.

Paint for P-61 Black Widow was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The best option for camouflage car was black gloss paint, which can not be seen in 80% of cases the aircraft entering the searchlight beam zone.

Due to the fact that high-quality radar were developed after the war, and issued a lot of all-weather fighters and anti-aircraft missile systems, such camouflage became irrelevant. However, nowadays you can find a lot of "black birds". In addition to the black coloring, which makes the unit unobtrusive night, the plane made of heat-resistant materials that can absorb RF radiation. Their design was classified as "top secret" and is still shrouded in legends and mysteries.

Airplane black Lockheed U-2

In 1955 the first time rose to the sky a new spy plane Lockheed U-2, which was built in high secrecy. Excellent flight characteristics allow him to carry out missions at high speeds over long distances.

He had high flight characteristics, which enabled him to fly at high altitude and for long distances. The secret was hiding in a successful layout. The power plant was equipped with a Pratt-Whitney J57 engine with an improved fuel delivery system. The wing of a large extension (like a glider) contributed to a reduction in fuel consumption, which increased the range of flight. The aircraft could fly freely at altitudes above 20 000 m, where the chances of its interception and detection were minimal. Equipped with a large number of devices for collecting information. The first reconnaissance flight Lockheed U-2 over the territory of the USSR carried out 04.07.1956

01.05.1960 the plane were captured by Soviet border guards and shot down by a missile "surface-to-air." After that, he was not sent to the exploration of the Soviet Union, where he spent a total of 24 operation. However, it continued to be applied in other regions. Using the U-2 helped determine the location of deployment of ballistic missiles in Cuba. Modern modification of «U-2S» is equipped with side-scan radar and operated by the US Air Force. Supposedly enough flight hours to 2023 years, when it is planned removal of weapons.

Total U-2 7 losses amount units. One was shot down during a reconnaissance missions over Cuba and the USSR, 5 lost over China. All of them were impressed by the Soviet of S-75.

Airplane black Lockheed SR-71

Most vulnerability U-2 made at an accelerated pace to start work on the next generation strategic intelligence.

He became Lockheed SR-71, he is also "Black Thrush" - supersonic strategic intelligence officer of the US Air Force. The features of this device include high speed and high altitude. This makes it possible to perform complex maneuvering actions to escape from the pursuing missiles and quickly gain altitude. The operation of Lockheed SR-71 aircraft fell on 1964-1988 years. It was the fastest aircraft of its time, capable of moving at a speed of 3300 km / h. It was used for reconnaissance over the territory of the DPRK and North Vietnam. Of 32 produced aircraft 12 were lost as a result of accidents. During the combat operations there was no loss.

The reason for abandonment of Lockheed SR-71 could serve as a Soviet fighter-interceptor MiG-31, who repeatedly went out to intercept when entering "blackbirds" in the airspace of the USSR and the anti-aircraft missile systems C-200, able to control the aircraft in almost any height.

Airplane black Lockheed F-117 «Night Hawk»

Lockheed F-117 The "Night Hawk" is a single American strike aircraft designed to bypass enemy air defenses to attack strategic facilities (airfields, missile bases, control centers, etc.). The first flight of the "Night Hawk" dates back to 18.06.1981. During the production up to 1990, 64 of the F-117 aircraft was produced. The adoption of radical measures in various elements of the construction did not help to create a truly invulnerable aircraft. Deteriorated aerodynamics increased the risk of being intercepted and shot down by fighter jets. This aircraft was an easy prey for the S-200 and S-125 SAM systems. So in 2008, the "black hawks" were removed from service because of the replacement of their more advanced F-22 Raptor.

Black Airplane »Northrop B-2« Spirit »

Northrop B-2 «Spirit» (English -. "Ghost") is considered the most dorogostoyaschim airplane black color. This unobtrusive heavy bomber designed for deep penetration through the dense enemy defense, capable of carrying nuclear weapons on board.

"Ghost" was created with the widespread use of stealth technologies and skomponirovan on a "flying wing". From US black military aircraft now operated only U-2 and B-2. Other models have become exhibits aviamuzeev and memorial bases.

Airplane black Su-47

Su-47 «Berkut" is a Russian perspective deck fighter OKB develop them. Dry. Aircraft wings are swept forward in the design gained wide use of composite materials. Chief designer of the Su-47 was MA Poghosyan.


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