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The airplane Ilya Muromets
Military aviation
The airplane Ilya Muromets

The airplane Ilya Muromets. Photo. Video.


Russia is famous for many inventions, however, one of the most prominent was the world's first bomber. Its name was a bit unusual, but at the same time frightening. Still, after the airplane was called the strong and mighty epic hero Ilya Muromets.

"Hercules" began its establishment in August 1913 years, but in December, is the first prototype of this model was going to take to the air. The conditions were not the most favorable, because the yard was winter. But savvy Russian designers of this situation and found a way out, they simply put Ilya skiing. Because of this, having gone 283 meter runway, bomber flew to a height of 1000 meters, also "carrying on their shoulders," a weight of 1100 kg. However, precisely because of this he was able to beat the record of another airplane that was carrying the weight of just 653 kg.


The airplane Ilya Muromets photo

The airplane Ilya Muromets photo

In February 1914, the aircraft flew a Sikorsky 6 passengers, among whom was the favorite of all the airport - a dog named Stiffy. This time the weight of the load was equal 1190 kg. This flight was a real achievement, because in addition to the fact that the board was relatively a lot of passengers, Ilya Muromets flew over St. Petersburg, and then flew over the suburbs or even afraid to go down into small enough height. All this is due to the fact that Sikorsky was sure that some engines will ensure proper safety of the aircraft.


The airplane Ilya Muromets video



1 August 1914 was built 4 Muromets, and a month later they were delivered to the Imperial Air Force. It was then that this model began to be used as a bomber, because the rest of the aircraft were intended exclusively for reconnaissance. A month later, an EVC was created - the world's first bomber compound. Since such airplanes did not fly before, it was necessary to train pupils and conduct master classes for them. But the efforts were justified by their results, because during the entire war on Muromets 400 sorties were flown, 65 tons of bombs were dropped and 12 fighters were destroyed.


The airplane Ilya Muromets photo 2

The airplane Ilya Muromets picture


There were also several series of "heroes" from A and ending with G. Each of them was more perfect than the previous one, but in spite of this, after the war, bombers Ilya Muromets several years played the role of postal aircraft, and soon all were removed from production.


The airplane Ilya Muromets characteristics

The airplane Ilya Muromets-characteristics

However, we should still proud to be the world's first bomber was designed precisely in the Soviet Union and showed not only great results, but during the war helped to protect our homeland!

Military aviation


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In what other "USSR"? The world's first bomber was created in the Russian Empire !!!