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The aircraft weighing less than a gram?
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The aircraft weighing less than a gram?

The aircraft weighing less than a gram?


The aircraft weighing less than a gram? Is this possible? And you know, maybe! Surf the Internet, the author of these lines, several times came across mention of a remote-controlled aircraft, weighing less than a gram! Of course, I know that progress does not stand still, and for all the innovations of modern technology is simply not keep up, but it turned out that this device manually created enthusiast!

At times, even the Soviet Union, there was a large expanse for the young (and not so) technicians. Then there were the station UT, all kinds of schools, clubs, studios and houses of Pioneers. It inquisitive inventors and technicians were monthly magazines "Young technician" (with the application, which were drawings), "Model Construction", with practical advice on various issues techniques. There were similar magazines in the social world. camp.

And frankly, in the current universal access to anything and everything, when everything can be bought off the shelf, and I did not think that someone will come up with the idea to do something yourself! Yes, and how!

Now, imagine yourself in the palm of aircraft weighing less than one gram, with a wingspan of about 10 cm, the electric, so even with two-, three-channel remote control! And the airplane is assembled, almost improvised, more precisely, "grazing" materials! And, of course, plus savvy, and jewelry work.

What hindered the improvement of any autonomous electric mechanisms? That's right - the power supply! All batteries were heavy, quickly discharged and had a small efficiency. But here, on this front, we are constantly working to improve the independent power sources. And to replace the lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer came (Li- Pol). They are lightweight, miniature, slow discharge (the so-called self-discharge), have a small voltage drop, as discharge.

But now, unfortunately, the weight of the power supply for microplane is about 50% of the entire mass. The rest of the plane just hit their data. The size and weight. So, for example, the engine with the propeller, hand-made, weighs only 0,1gr.! And they of about 1 cm. Ie less seeds from the sunflower! The glider airplane weighs 0,15gr. And it also is the transmitter and receiver and such devices as the actuator and programmer

The main parts of the micromodel are made by hand. Screw - from the finest layer of fiberglass from the printed circuit board. The engine is assembled completely by hand, and requires special care. The actuator is a device for turning the stabilizer, and is assembled from parts of conventional, wristwatch, quartz watch, optical drive system, and micromotor with gears. For the remaining parts, too, will need, patience, assiduity, and neatness. But when there is an intolerable desire to create yourself, a completely unique, piece, microplane, can this be an obstacle?

But if you make the plane a little larger, it can be equipped with a video camera, and! What is the scope for creativity! Be of good cheer!


Valery Smirnov specifically


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