The plane in a dream
The plane in a dream

The plane in a dream

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

The aircraft represents the speed of change, courage, or the collapse of the planned execution of desires.

Miss the plane - the fear of change.

To fly in an airplane could mean rapid changes.

Being a pilot - to be able to control others.

The incident plane - foreign interference can disrupt your life.

East sonnik

The dream where you see the plane that flies over his head - a sign that you will be difficult to avoid the danger. This vision for the bride could mean that the planned wedding will not take place.

American Dream Interpretation

Buy a plane in a dream - to large financial losses as a result of a failed investment.

Flying in an airplane - a great success in business.

See aircraft - high aspirations and ideals.

You'll see the ruins of the plane - you need to take the situation under his personal control, rather than relying on others.

Female sonnik

If you see over the airplane flying over you - it may be that the wedding be postponed or suddenly have to cancel it altogether.

Intimate sonnik

To see the trace of the plane in the sky - so, in the near future, you will lose what so much more expensive. With this you will make every effort to rectify the situation. Most likely, your "second half" will get you to change.

Fly in a dream on the plane - do you think that your present life - it's just a draft, that you can always be rewritten without corrections. And you forget that you have one life, and it passes with frightening speed. Be sure to think about it at your leisure.

Newest sonnik

Fuselage - caution: to fly on a business trip or a trip you should not.

The plane - the message that came from afar, that spoil the mood.

The psychoanalytic dream book

Traces from the plane crossed - choice situation, the intersection of 2-s favorite tracks.

The symbolic dream interpretation

See aircraft - in the near future you will have to travel.

Flying in an airplane - to achieve (for example, a good deal).

Being in an airplane as a passenger - in life you have successfully conclude commercial deals.

To see the plane flying above you - in reality you will avoid any dangerous situation or misfortune. The girl the dream suggests that the planned wedding upset.

If you had a crash - waking you expect trouble, and bleak prospects for the future.

See the window means that you show respect to someone indifferent, it is not taking part in the resolution of their problems. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that very soon you will retaliate.

If in a dream you are the owner of a private jet, you incorrectly dispose of securities or stocks, losing a lot of money.

Dreams 19 century

Aircraft crash - a declaration of love, surprise for you.

The plane, seen in a dream - the implementation of hope and fulfillment of desires.

If you dream you are working or are serving in the Air - it means your dreams and plans become a reality on condition of faith and diligence.

If you are traveling by plane in a dream - a sign that your plans will be implemented.

If you are locked in a hangar with the aircraft - to improve the welfare and success.

Dreams horoscope

Being in an airplane during a flight - not a good time to change your life.

Dreams Denise Linn

The plane - a symbol of the aspirations to the highest spiritual goals and high ideals. It can also mean the development and liberation, a flight to unknown heights. Yet it can be a symbol of the race at top speed and all-consuming desire for success.

While on the plane as a passenger - other people run your life. But how do you think they will point you in the right direction?

Plane Crash means drop or a warning of what is to be careful to refrain from fractures.

Dreams for bitches

To see the accident airplane - your plans will bring a lot of confusion and concern.

The plane - the successful completion of a successful business.

Hopes and Dreams Dmitry Winter

Aircraft - symbolizes the ideas and plans that are highly reliable.

Fly on a plane in a dream - a sign of unsafe and questionable enterprise. In his fantasies, you may run the risk of failure. because you greatly outstrips reality.

Meet or wait for the plane at the airport - the uncertainty in the plans and actions.

Dreams of love relationships

Flying in a dream on the plane - symbolizing that does not suit your life, but you do nothing to change it. You live as if rehearsing for the upcoming performance, but do not forget that life - it's not a game. It is unlikely that it will offer you the opportunity to correct their mistakes.

To dream of the trail from an airplane in the sky - not a good sign. In the near future you will survive the loss of something really important. Most likely, we are talking about change. You will disturb strong feelings about this, because you really want to save the relationship.

Dreams David Lofa

In the dream, to fly on an airplane - and ordinary at the same time revealing a dream, as some people are comfortable with the flight, while others fear them greatly. In your case, this is an attempt to overcome irrational fears.

Flying in an airplane - a life full of adventure. The feeling of excitement is usually followed by a breakneck speed, or by the flight and the knowledge of how air travel can bring together even the most distant corners of the earth. Moreover, you will experience an exciting concern arose in his mind, which are associated with thoughts about the dangers when flying, for example, the hijacking. It is possible that you will easily cope with the situation.

If you control the plane - is not excluded various visions of himself as a pilot. Therefore, if you are confident in his sleep, then waking too.

If the pilot is a plane - hence, in real life you will be able to control the situation.

If a plane crashes, falling into a catastrophe - then in life you yourself feel insecure and do not meet the required specification, as you think.

Dreams Traveler

Seeing the falling plane - vain.

Flying in the clear sky plane - a sign of wish fulfillment.

Fly by plane - the success, fulfillment of desires.

Himself control - success, recognition (in the case of a successful landing).

Ukrainian dream interpretation

If you dream that you fly on an airplane - the disease and the road.

Flying planes - good news.

Climbing on an airplane high in the sky - to be on a daily basis.

Dreams Tsvetkova

The plane - the implementation of claims, fulfillment of desires; itself manages - a sharp change from the fulfillment of a wish (if there was no accident).

Universal Dream

If you or someone from the family is going to fly on a plane in a dream - a reflection of your thoughts or sleep talking about a strong desire to defy nature through technology.

If the aircraft lands in your sleep, and it is rough or soft landing - may come down to your feet is something unexpected.

What kind of aircraft: fast, modern or old and tarnished - the answer to this question is to say, in which, in general, you are able to at this point in my life.

People who are afraid of flying, seeing the plane crash - the dream is just the epitome of fear, so it does not imprint on their emotions.

Just dreaming about airplane - might mean that you it's time to go on vacation.

Gypsy Dream Book

Transportation by plane usually means spiritual development. Consider the events that followed the flight and realize, whether the dream be interpreted in such a way.

If this is not the case - a dream can mean the possibility of self-expression, the rapid development, especially if you as a pilot.

If so, you're in a dream and fast, modern machines must skillfully manage otherwise might crash.

esoteric Dream Book

Was at the time of the crash - act boldly, it will help your case.

Fly by plane - looking for a creative approach in their own backyard, as you are on the spot.

See aircraft in the sky - to the fateful, decisive events. In real life, you inhibit the cowardly, cautious people.

Erotic dream book

If you dreamed about a plane - your relationship is absolutely independent of no one, everything goes on its own. You have no reason to turn your bedroom into a pilot's cabin.


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