Independent air operations
Independent air operations

Independent air operations



Fighting this kind will require a number of independent air operations with aircraft of medium and heavy-duty vehicles that could carry bombs heavy weight and great destructive force, with strong arms for self-defense and are able to make long flights, regardless of the time of day and at high altitudes.


By fighting the second and third groups are:

  • exploration of distant (strategic and operational), proximal (tactical) and battlefield surveillance;
  • the attack on the ground soyska, .morskogo of the fleet and their rears with the fire of machine guns, bombs, torpedoes, and toxic substances;
  •  conducting air combat with the enemy air force;
  • transportation of troops (shehoty, artillery, combat lung machines and other goods tankov- combat assignment);
  • sanitary evacuation ;,
  • Communication Service.


A very diverse problems of the second and third groups require the use of aircraft of various classes with different specifications from each other to the tactical data. However, the use of aircraft of the same type of aircraft to perform certain tasks inherent in different species, is not excluded. In order to deliver a decisive blow if necessary, massaging all kinds of aircraft it can be employed to recharge a common problem.


Consistent with the above requirements of the modern Air Force of various states are composed of:

a) reconnaissance (observation) aviation;

b) fighter:

c) bomber;

g) assault:

d) supporting (health, transport).


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