Saratov airlines
Saratov airlines

Saratov Airlines. Official site.


Russian flights shedule "Saratov Airlines" was founded in the year 1994, and today is a carrier carrying scheduled and charter flights in Russia and abroad.


The development and establishment of "Saratov airlines"

"Saratov Airlines" - it is an airline operating in the territory of the Russian Federation for a long time and successfully. Before 2011, the company was a division of "Aeroflot". Currently, a joint stock company, which is engaged in transportation of passengers and cargo scheduled and charter flights to many of the world.

The history of the company is very rich, as the first airline in Saratov was organized back in 1931 year. That it laid the foundation for the development of aviation in the region. Initially, the organization provides services in agriculture.

The heyday of aviation in the Saratov region falls on 80-th of the last century. At this time, it uses a huge number of domestic units such as the Yak-40, 24-An, Yak-42. They allowed interconnected hugethe number of cities of the former USSR. Regular flights and reasonable prices allows for flights constantly filled with planes.

Like most airlines, the problems started in 90-ies. It has been canceled many flights. It is known that in the year 1992 flights prices rose almost 200 time, which greatly reduced the number of passengers and flights occupancy. The only all-union "Aeroflot" has broken up more than 450 airlines, which were sent on an independent voyage. As a result of this situation was the most bankrupt.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the company has managed to stay afloat. In 1994 it was created "Saratov Airlines" as JSC. In 1995 year award of international importance "Torch of Birmingham" was awarded the airline. She was awarded for the work and development in the difficult period. Since 1997 years "Saratov Airlines" received the status of an international airline, which greatly expanded the geography of flights.

Since 2000-ies, the company observed a stable development. It is worth noting that in 2000, the company received the award "Wings of Russia" as company of the year for domestic flights.

Major changes have occurred with the arrival of new owners in 2012 year. First of all, pricing policy has been revised, we had a replacement cabin crew staff, reconstruction work of the terminal. All this has led to an increase in consumer demand. Also expanded the geography of flights. All changes allowed airline "Saratov airlines" to become a higher stage of development.

With regard to the fleet, he also began to replenish with new machines. In 2013 year we received two machine type Embraer-195. They do most of the international flights of the company. Statistics show that "Saratov Airlines" for the year 2014 519 managed to carry thousands of passengers, it is sufficiently high levels.

The airline "Saratov airlines" shall operate regular flights to Russian cities such as Moscow, Penza, Ekaterinburg, Sochi, Simferopol, etc., offering its customers the most comfortable air travel for a relatively small cost.



Air fleet of airline "Saratov Airlines" consists mainly of domestic Yak-42, but since 2013 years 2 airline leased an additional aircraft type Embraer E195, Making it possible to increase the number of passengers.

Charter flights affected airline "Saratov Airlines" mainly occur in the cities of Western Europe, as Barcelona, ​​Heraklion, etc.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • By regional airlines from Saratov.

  • IATA airline code: 6W;

  • ICAO airline code: SOV;

  • Domestic airline code: 6V;


Saratov Airlines. Official site:

Saratov Airlines (Saravia). Official site.



Contact details:

  • The mailing address of airline Street. Zhukovsky, Saratov, d. 25, Russia, 410010;

  • City Airline Phone: + 7 8452 696 502;

  • Airlines Fax: + 7 8452 642 552;

  • E-mail Airlines:[Email protected];

  • The base airport airline airport Saratov Central.

  • Domestic flights: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Nizhnevartovsk, Sochi, Saratov, Surgut.

  • The CIS flights: Yerevan.

  • International flights: Tel Aviv, Hannover, Frankfurt.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraftYakovlev Yak-42, Embraer 195.



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My husband is quite wealthy person, and when we finally came to rest with his family decided to surprise everyone by ordering YAK - 42D only for our family. He alone determined the date of departure and the power supply system on board, given that I'm a diabetic, it is not superfluous. It was the perfect trip for my whole life. Now I can say with certainty. What impressions of the flight survived, even more than the time spent on vacation.

I liked to fly on a charter flight. Despite the fact that the cabin was located more than 100 people, we flew half-empty. First-class service and the level of safety of passengers is at the highest stage.

Upon cancellation of the ticket with me this time took an amount much greater than the change of a similar ticket in late September 2014 years. I do not know what is the reason, but I'm a little upset after that. The money was returned to the card at the same time, as promised within twenty days of the rate of return must take and now the additional fee.

Flying recent transfers (with a change) I want to say that it is contrary stabilizes and does not tire. You can get out of the aircraft through a 3-4 hours or just to warm up while you're going to register for the next one. Very comfortable and well system that Saratov Airlines are constantly upgrading their system works.

We were supposed to fly from Kostroma, but our flight was delayed. In the end, after we waited about two hours, it turned out that he had long since flown away, although there was not a word about this from the loudspeaker and we had to wait for another. Afterwards, two flights in this direction were also canceled. I want to note the work of the representative of the company, who not only provided us with housing and helped with the transportation of things, but also correctly set up a departure system for all passengers. As a result, I am very satisfied, although I stayed on the road for a whole day. Baggage was literally in half an hour after arrival and this is taking into account the huge queue lined up for their things. Agree that this is not very long, especially given that in the store, sometimes it takes more than an hour to defend, so that the goods can be bought, but here everything is like an airport! Needless to say, I was completely satisfied with the flight, I believe that most Russian airlines need to take an example from Saratov Airlines.

I fly Saratov airlines more often than I go by public transport so that I can give the most objective feedback - staff and management, big umnichki, managed to establish an excellent service that works practically without failures, which even if they happen, are liquidated quickly enough. Anything happened, however, I have never regretted that I used their services. I like everything, from a comfortable airplane, to which the crew presents themselves. During the flight give all the necessary answers, which inspires well just the same global confidence that it will pass at the highest level! The flights are soft, set to complete relaxation. Personally, I last two times just dozed under the noise of the turbine. The last time so generally lucky, I flew on a brand new airplane. Well, what can I say - handsome! The salon is perfect. Even though at the end of the four-hour flight my head ached, the stewardess immediately offered to use the medicine cabinet. Good luck to you. You are best!

One of the most professional of the airlines that I have ever enjoyed! After the flight to the address as the airport staff and the staff on the plane there were only very good, warm words. All smiling, friendly, and this is not as a self. If in the future I will arise again a choice between several firms will only fly to Saratov Airlines! Well done boys!

Flying airline "Saratov airlines". Everything was very good. I liked it all very much. On board it was clean and beautiful stewardesses lovely, kind, sociable. The entire flight was held to cheer. Give out blankets, the press (newspapers and magazines), food and drinks, as needed. Seats are very comfortable, soft. Stewardesses interisovalsya well-being of each passenger. All liked it. The landing was successful, peaceful and quiet. Thank airline "Saratov airlines" for a successful flight.

Flew flight 761. Aircraft nice and big. The pilot and flight attendants are very friendly and welcoming. Before the flight we were told some of the information told in two languages, English and Russian. Three airlines fly this is that most good, ticket prices are not too expensive. Good luck in your future prosperity.