slotted wing
slotted wing

Airplane with a slotted wing 


Today, the article focuses on the application of slotted wings of airplanes. This wing of the pressure side can be separated from the others on the suction side by means of a continuous surface.

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In this case, the purpose of using such a wing was obtained by applying a pressure difference in the auxiliary devices, for example, in aerotrube. In this case can be considerably increased efficiency aircraft propeller motor group, as there is added the air turbine. It receives the total energy of the negative and positive air pressure in the two-way system of airplane wings. It's all happening in the guide plane and the slots for frontal air discharge into the turbine.


As for the metal wing shape, it has a surface in the base, which can be divided into several planes wing. For example, the lower frontal plane can take a positive pressure and inflate the conduct of the turbine through beveled slots.

Airplane wing with a slot

The upper frontal cavity is used to suction and discharge the exhaust air through the tapered slot. Here it is necessary to add that the phase of the rear suction removes inhibiting the formation of eddies or vacuum. When the turbine in the phase of resolution, it can be seen as reactive energy. In addition, it complements the power of screw motor group. Hence the conclusion that in this case is considerably accelerated flight. Moreover, controlled extraction phase may completely replace the ailerons.


It will be observed in case of an accident, and when other control functions partially missing. While the aircraft performs landing wings formed at both inhibitory vacuum. If the aircraft performs landing on the water, there may be created a positive pressure, but it is used to fill the balloons float.

Airplane wing with a slot

Slotted wings of airplanes are devices for closing and opening the gap. Here there is a danger that with an open slot, the device may stop performing its actions. For example, if the safety device deteriorates. Icing or foreign body action may occur. In this case, you will have to land the plane with an open slit, which is very dangerous for pilots.   


The slotted wing is designed for slow ascent, takeoff and descent. The slots were invented for the airplane and in order to greatly increase the aerodynamic quality of the wing. It is the blowers located in the wing slots that make the aircraft maneuverable.  

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