engine mounting schemes helicopters
engine mounting schemes helicopters

engine mounting schemes helicopters


Mounting the engine must accept the burden on its housing (torque M, axial and radialcomponents of the weight G and the inertial forces), have temperature and installation of expansion joints and shock absorbers. CMP engine mounts are designed for a particular type of engine, taking into account operational requirements (access to all components and elements of the engine mounting, minimum labor input of assembly and disassembly of the engine).

The supports are installed vibration damper in the form of rubber sleeves 5. In connection with the change in the volume zone B-B when it is heated when the engine is started, one of the supports must be provided a linear equalizer, allowing longitudinal movement of the finger of the mount casing relative to its support on the fuselage.

The rear engine mount can be placed on a spherical centering hinge mounted on the housing GH. The outer part of the spherical hinge tube fixed on a cantilever attached to the crankcase. Inside the pipe passes the shaft connecting the free turbine of the engine through a toothed coupling with the Ministry of Agriculture of GH. Linkage bearing take axial and transverse forces from the engine. Front support elements perceive the torque from the engine, part of the longitudinal and transverse loads from the engine weight.




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