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Shenyang CK-1
Shenyang CK-1

Shenyang CK-1

Create an aircraft Shenyang CK-1 was initiated by Chinese designers in the spring of 1968 years. The formulation has been almost completely taken the Soviet development of the aircraft under the designation La-17. Despite the fact that this machine was produced in the USSR in 1953 year, China's designers managed to make a lot of innovations in the unmanned vehicle. First of all, it has been significantly redesigned fuselage and fuel system that will allow for better flight performance than the original model.

During the development it was decided to apply a normal aerodynamics scheme with a rectangular wing. Also for ease of operation, the horizontal and vertical plumage were made identical and could be replaced with each other. As a power plant, the aircraft used a single engine of the turbojet engine type, which was mounted under the body of the machine. The take-off of the Shenyang CK-1 was possible only with a ground launcher and additional propellant accelerators, which accelerated the car to a certain speed and height, after which the main engine was launched. The entire flight was controlled from a control point located on the ground, in addition, an automatic flight is possible due to the program specified.

Shenyang CK-1.Harakteristiki:

Modification CK-1C
Wingspan, m 7.50
Length m 8.44
Height, m 2.96
Wing area, m2 8.55
Weight, kg  
null 2000
fuel 840
maximum take-off 3340
engine's type 1 TRD WP6
Thrust, kgf X 1 2600
Maximum speed km / h 900
Range, km 600
The flight duration, min 60-70
Practical ceiling, m 18000
Operational ceiling, m 500-5000


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