Gear pump NVD
Gear pump NVD

Gear pump NVD



Gear pump NVD usually structurally integrated into one unit HP (pump control) with the executive part of the electronic controller channels control the flow of fuel in the ACS and to the fan and compressor, as well as with hydromechanical backup (GM) regulator. When operating the electronic system of the machine HP is its actuator.

The fuel systems to reduce heating fuel provides off afterburner pump FN on unforced engine operating modes, as well as the forced modes at low fuel consumption (high-altitude flight), so in this case because of the significant reduction in the efficiency of the pump FN fuel heats up . Termination of the fuel supply pump to the input of the FN can be performed via a special valve for the fuel temperature signal exceeding a predetermined value, or decrease the required flow rate is below a certain value.

Reduce the temperature of the fuel it is possible to bypass after the NMD in the aircraft tank through the recirculation valve. The need for the bypass that may occur in the planning of the aircraft after the flight mode and thermal stress on the engine mode SGP. Thermal stress generally corresponds to the flight mode at a speed close to the maximum at high altitude.

Control systems turboprop (Turbopropfan) engines.

Properties and turboprop aircraft Turbopropfan (TVVD) engines as objects of regulation are similar. Therefore, similar to the requirements for self-propelled guns, and these engines, as well as the construction of the systems management. In the future, under the turboprop understood as actually turboprops and TVVD.


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