F-22 helmet
Helmet fighter F-22. Tests and future.

US Air Force begins testing helmet systems for fighter aircraft F-22


Currently, intensive work is underway to develop and equip fighter pilots Lockheed Martin F-22 helmet-mounted targeting system.

Research is aimed at the possibility of testing new systems in order to improve the guidance and response speed of new equipment. Also, life cycle management is being worked out, by giving commands to perform certain actions, to carry out an attack, hitting a target, and maneuver. Pilots of 160 aircraft will be equipped with new equipment for transmitting commands using helmets.

F-22 helmet

The US Air Force has several requirements for the use of helmets as sensor weapons. The helmet must display colors and images correctly and must also work with a night vision system. The new system should not prevent the pilot from performing the necessary actions at all stages of the long flight. The helmet should display images on an external field with generation using a camera.

F-22 helmet

Following the tender for the research work more 2 years ago, the working groups presented for testing and evaluation system Visionix «Scorpion" for guidance on the F-22

The helmet-mounted system, integrating the signal, will allow the F-22 to carry out missile guidance with an estimated completion date in 2017. The helmet-mounted target designation system provides information processing and the integration of teams to hit the target.

F-22 helmet

Development of helmet-mounted targeting system is the South African company "DENEL", together with researchers from the "BAE Systems" and "Saab". Company from South Africa agreed to supply helmets with guidance systems for NATO countries.

Currently, the guidance system of the company "Kentron", are among the best and take the forefront in the development of these guidance systems.

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