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Short 360

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Short 360 (another designation SD3-60) - British turboprop aircraft for local airlines. Designed and produced serially company Short Brothers in 1981-1991 years.




The first statement Short 360 - airline Suburban Airlines (merged then Allegheny Airlines / US Airways). Regular use of the aircraft in the aviation company started in November 1981goda. The plane, with regard to its origin from the previous model Short 330, has taken a worthy position on regional and local airlines. Excellent take-off and landing properties made it possible to operate the aircraft from small airfields with a runway length of about 1400 meters; low parameters of altitude and flight speed are compensated by the moderate cost of maintenance and operation. Among the advantages of the aircraft can also be called low noise (the model is one of the types of turboprop aircraft that emit the least noise).


Short 360 side view


When designing the fuselage, the firm used the same approach as when designing the Model 330 aircraft: The fuselage was leaking. In the process of changing the shape of the fuselage tail, it turned out to accommodate a large luggage compartment. The aerodynamic properties of the aircraft have also improved. The prototype aircraft took off for the first time on 01.06.1981/6/45. First, the PT6A-65R theater was installed on the prototype aircraft, which were then replaced with PT1295A-1982R engines, with a capacity of XNUMX horsepower. The aircraft was certified in September XNUMX. The aircraft was equipped with a conventional avionics kit with electromechanical indication.

Short in March 1985 announced that, together with the Brazilian company Embraer, plans to start designing the Model 450, an extended version of the 360 ​​model, designed to carry 45-49 passengers on routes 700-800 kilometers. The aircraft was planned to be equipped with two theaters with a capacity of 1550 horsepower. Nevertheless, due to the lack of interest in the aircraft in October 1985, all design work was stopped.

Production of the aircraft ceased in the year 1991, 165 total output of cars; to 1998 year use it was about 110 aircraft of this type.


Short 360 Salon

Short 360 Salon


Technical specifications


Length: 21.58 m.

Height: 7.27 m.

Wingspan: 22.80 m.

Cruising speed: 400 km / h.

Maximum speed: 470 km / h. at an altitude of 3,048 m;

Range: 1300 km.

Ceiling: 7,600 m.

Length of takeoff: 930 m.

Number of passenger seats: 36-39 people in the basic configuration.

Crew: 3 person (flight attendants and two pilots).

The width of the passenger compartment: 2,17 m.

The height of the passenger cabin: 1,82 m.

Maximum landing weight: 14050 kg.

Powerplant: TVD Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67R (two copies).

Link: 2 × 1424 horsepower.

Rate of climb: 4.7 m / s.

Stalling speed: 136 km / h (flaps and landing gear).


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